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Looking to travel to Singapore? Get all the information you need to have a safe, enjoyable and unforgettable trip while there, courtesy of GoBear Malaysia. We’ll present you with things you need to keep it mind before and during your time there, especially the need to get travel insurance for Singapore.

About neighbouring Singapore 

The city-state of Singapore is located on the island of the same name (formerly Temasek), and was formerly part of the British colonies of the Straits Settlements along with Penang and Malacca. Subsequently, it was a founding member of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963 before leaving in 1965. Since then, its economy and infrastructure has grown by leaps and bounds, and today, Singapore is considered a First World country. This island nation is a very safe place, so most Malaysian travel insurance policies include Singapore in Area 1 (usually the cheapest band), but you should check your specific plan to make sure you’re covered if you decide to go. Its currency is the Singapore dollar (SGD).

Singaporean languages 

Singapore has four official languages; namely, English, Mandarin, BM and Tamil, with the first two languages being predominant. You will also hear Hokkien (the Fujian dialect of Chinese) and Teochew being widely spoken. Language-wise, you should not have difficulties in contacting the emergency services concierge provided by your travel insurance in Singapore.

Singaporean food

As you can imagine, the food in Singapore is pretty close to what you will get in Malaysia, seeing as it’s sandwiched between East and West Malaysia. However, that does not mean Singapore doesn’t have its own specialities. We’ll leave it to the historians to argue whether a particular dish has Singaporean or Malaysian roots. In the meantime, you can also enjoy the wide variety of international cuisines that have made their way to Singapore, both Eastern and Western. Food safety standards are generally reasonably high here, but just in case, GoBear Malaysia recommends travel insurance for Singapore.

What to buy in Singapore

Electronic goods in Singapore can sometimes be cheaper than in Malaysia (and released sooner as well). Many of the world’s largest international brands have made their regional home in Singapore, so occasionally, there is a wider variety of choices as well. GoBear Malaysia recommends checking whether your credit card covers lost or stolen purchases while overseas, or you can buy travel insurance for your Singapore shopping spree;

Things to do when in Singapore

Aside from shopping, Singapore is actually not a bad place to holiday. Changi Airport itself could keep you entertained for hours, even days. Get a bird’s eye view of the city from the Singapore Flyer, or visit the Universal Studios Singapore theme park. Marvel at the Gardens by the Bay, or walk the Waterfront Promenade at night. Just make sure that your travel insurance for Singapore covers you for all the things you intend to do.

Singapore travel advisory & checklist

Have a hassle-free trip! International travel, even to Singapore, has its own set of issues that you should prepare for, so that you can properly enjoy your holiday overseas. Aside from travel insurance for Singapore, GoBear Malaysia recommends you consider the following:

Passport &  visa requirements for Singapore 

Make sure your passport has at least 6 months’ validity after the dates you intend to go; you may not be allowed to travel if your passport is too close to expiry. As a member of ASEAN, Singapore has visa-free entry for most citizens of ASEAN member countries (including Malaysia) for up to 90 days.

In the event that your passport or other travel documents are lost or stolen, make sure you know the emergency contact details for your travel insurance concierge in Singapore, so that you can be assisted as quickly as possible.

Electricity & water in Singapore 

Malaysia and Singapore both use the Type G power socket; so no further work is needed to make your electrical appliances compatible.

The tap water here is generally safe to drink, though GoBear Malaysia recommends at least boiling it if you have a sensitive stomach.

Singapore’s telecommunications & Internet coverage 

The telecommunications network in Singapore covers most of the island. Mobile phones bought in Malaysia should work seamlessly with Singaporean pre-paid SIMs, but do check the specific frequencies your phone uses against the ones your preferred Singaporean telco supports. Wi-Fi is widely available everywhere you go, as is 4G LTE. The emergency number is 999 for police and 995 for fire/medical emergencies from fixed lines and mobile phones alike, and you can also try 112 or911 from mobile phones.

Healthcare & medical facilities in Singapore

Singapore is a very small island (and city), so it’s not surprising that its healthcare facilities per capita are world-class. But given the high cost of living in Singapore (not to mention that unfavourable exchange rate), GoBear Malaysia still recommends you have travel insurance coverage in Singaporeduring your stay there.

Singaporean credit card facilities 

International credit card networks that are present in Singapore include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express (to a smaller degree). UnionPay is also widely available. Credit cards are accepted almost universally by even the smallest retailer and food outlets.

Ready to start planning your Singaporean travels? Stay safe and protected while overseas! Try out GoBear Malaysia’s travel insurance comparison services for a quick, comprehensive and easy-to- use look at all the insurers and the travel insurance policies they offer for Singapore.

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