What is Flight Cancellation Coverage?

Vacations and holidays are always fun, except when unforeseen situations require you to cancel your trip. Flight cancellation coverage protects you against unnecessary expenses if your cancellation is made within a certain number of days before date of departure. For most confirmed bookings, depending on when you are cancelling, there will be costs that will vary from carrier to carrier.

What is Covered by Flight Cancellation Coverage?

If you purchased your travel insurance policy immediately after booking, your expenses may be covered if your cancellation is made within 60 days before date of departure. The cancellation of your flight should also meet the following criteria:

  • Flight cancellation due to death, serious illness or injury, or compulsory quarantine of you or your travel companion

  • Flight cancellation due to unexpected strike, civil unrest, riot, or commotion beyond your control

  • Flight cancellation due to serious damage to your permanent place of residence in Malaysia arising from natural disasters occurring within a week before the date of departure

  • Flight cancellation due to receipt of witness summons or jury service

  • Flight cancellation due to an unexpected death of a relative or travel companion occurring within 60 days before the date of departure

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