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Being able to compare means you get a clearer picture of the market and it leads to a smarter decision. You can save money by being able to compare insurance plans and their fine prints, and you can also compare various credit card promotions and rewards. Once you have made your comparison, you can find the best solution for yourself and your family. You can then choose what best fits your needs, pocket and sanity.

We work with most insurers and banks in Malaysia. We do not play favourites with anyone.  We are a comparison site that puts you first and will always try to find the best deals in the market.

The Coverage Score for a particular insurance product from a particular insurance provider is calculated and generated via a mathematical algorithm based on the coverage amounts of each of the key benefits of that product relative to those of and from other insurance providers. For example, with regard to travel insurance products:

• Personal accident

• Medical expenses

• Lost bags and belongings

• Cancelled trip

• Emergency medical evacuation

Based on the above, a score is then assigned to the product's coverage out of 5. The average of the 5 coverages is taken to give a score out of 10. The score assigned is completely based on the respective coverage amount and no other factor(s) other than as specified above.

It is always a good time to reassess your current insurance plans. GoBear will help you to find the latest prices, best insurance deals and added benefits available.

No. GoBear is completely free. We compare relevant insurance plans of insurers on our site to find the best deal. When you have found the right deal, we connect you to the particular insurer directly. And only when you click on an insurance plan which redirects you to the insurer’s website, do we get a small referral fee from the insurer, not from you.

Remember, you do not buy the insurance from us. We only compare! You always buy directly from the insurer, broker or agent.


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