Citibank Credit Card

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Should I get a Citibank Credit Card?

Citibank offers eight credit cards: the Citibank PremierMiles Visa Signature, the Citibank Simplicity, the Citibank Cash Back, the Citibank Shell Gold, the Citibank Clear, the Citibank Cash Black Platinum, the Citibank Rewards, and the Citibank Prestige. All Citibank’s credit cards, which can be obtained after a customer completes the Citibank credit card requirements, are Visa and MasterCard-affiliated.

Privileges offered by Citibank credit cards range from dining, travel, petrol, entertainment, cash back and rebates as well as shopping and groceries. With a wide selection to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone. 

Citibank has also developed the Citi Mobile App which provides a more seamless banking experience. The app has added security features such as the Citi Mobile Token, which is basically a 6-digit Unlock Code chosen by the user instead of a conventional One-Time Password (OTP). 

Transfers of up to RM 10,000 are made possible through the app with transaction signing. You’ll also be able to download and view your e-statements for all credit cards for up to the past 7 years. 

Read more details about the Citibank credit cards below, such as the types, features, and what you need when you want to apply for one. 


What privileges does the Citibank credit card offer?

Citibank provides credit cards features that suit the varying needs of cardholders. The privileges are listed below:

Shopping and Grocery Privileges 

The Citi Rewards Card provides 5x Citi Rewards points for every RM 1 spent for store purchases at selected department stores and supermarkets and 1x Citi Rewards for every RM 1 spent locally for all other shopping expenses.

The Citibank Clear Card gives users a 3x Citi Rewards points at retail hotspots and earns 1x Citi Rewards point for every RM1 spent on other expenses.


Travel Privileges

The Citibank PremierMiles credit card is Citibank’s latest offering for the jet-setting traveller. Earn double the amount of PremierMiles on overseas and selected travel spend and gain unlimited VIP access to selected Plaza Premium lounges across Malaysia. Shop overseas and redeem complimentary airport limo rides home from KLIA1. 

The Citibank Prestige credit card is a card full of unique Citibank benefits and personalised services for the avid travellers. It offers unlimited airport lounge access and complimentary night stay at any hotel worldwide. The card also grants users services such as the Citi Prestige Concierge and Citi Prestige Priority Line. 


Petrol Privileges

Citibank provides a card for savings on car fuels. The Citi Shell Gold Credit Card attaches up to 8% on Shell fuel at any Shell station with a complimentary annual fee for the first year. 

The Citi Cash Back and the Citi Cash Back Platinum has a similar rewards system but offers 5% cash rebate when you spend on petrol and 2% cashback on other spending. 


Dining and Entertainment Privileges

The Citibank Clear Card gives 1-for-1 movie tickets every Friday at GSC and TGV nationwide. It also offers 1-for-1 drinks from Mondays to Fridays at any The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet. 


Cash Back Privileges 

Citibank offers more savings to their cardholders with the Citi Simplicity+ and Citi Cash Back Card. The Citi Simplicity gives 10% interest back every month for users with prompt repayments. It also provides benefits including no late payment charge, no over limit fee and no annual fee. 

The Citi Cash Back rewards its users with 5% cash back on everyday purchase with no minimum spend required. Citi Cash Back holders can earn 2% cash back on grocery, telco and pharmaceutical, while 0.2% on other retail spending. The more cash cardholders spend, the more cashback they can earn. 

The Citibank Cash Back Platinum offers is related to the rewards system of Citi Cash Back. However, it has a higher monthly capping of RM 20 on petrol spending. 


What are the fees and charges?

Below is a table of interest rates and other fees that come with being a Citibank credit cardholder. 


Annual Membership Fees


Card Type Principal Card Supplementary Card
Citibank Rewards RM 600 RM 150
Citibank PremierMiles Visa Signature RM 600 (Free for first 3 years) Free for Life
Citibank PremierMiles American Express Free for Life Free for Life
Citibank Clear  RM 90 (Free for first year) RM 60 (Free for first year)
Citibank Prestige RM 1,000 Free for Life
Citibank Shell Gold RM 195 RM 100
Citibank Simplicity+ Free for Life Free for Life
Citibank Cash Back RM 120 RM 60
Citibank Cash Back Platinum RM 195 RM 100

Other Fees and Charges for All Card Types


Service Tax RM 25 imposed on each principal and supplementary credit card upon new card activation date and every subsequent anniversary from your card approval date
Annual Finance Charges


*10% Interest Back for Citibank Simplicity+ cardholders
*18% Annual Finance Charges for Citibank Prestige and Cash Back Platinum

Cash Advance

5.3% of cash amount (min.RM21.20) and 18% per annum daily interest

*5% for Citibank Cash Back and Cash Back Platinum 

Annual Fee Waiver

Minimum 3 swipes within 60 days for Citibank Shell Gold and Clear cardholders

Late Payment Charges

Minimum RM10 or 1% of the outstanding balance whichever is max. RM100

*Free for Citibank Simplicity+ cardholders

Min. Monthly Payment Minimum RM50 or 5% of outstanding balance, whichever is higher.


Am I eligible for a Citibank credit card?

Required Minimum Age

  • Principal Card: 21 years old
  • Supplementary Card: 18 years old

Required Minimum Income per Annum

  • Citibank PremierMiles
    • Visa Signature: RM 100,000
    • American Express: RM 100,000
  • Citibank Rewards 
    • Visa Signature: RM60,000
    • World MasterCard: RM90,000
  • Citibank Prestige
    • RM200,000
  • Citibank Clear
    • RM24,000
  • Citibank Shell Gold
    • RM24,000
  • Citibank Simplicity+
    • RM24,000
  • Citibank Cash Back
    • RM36,000
  • Citibank Cash Back Platinum
    • RM60,000

Documents to Submit

  • Required documents for salaried employee:
    • Photocopy of MyKad (both sides)
    • Latest EPF statement or Latest 2 months salary slip
    • 3 months’ bank statements
    • Latest EA Form 
    • Latest BE Form with Tax Receipt 
    • Required documents for a self-employed individual:
      • Photocopy of MyKad (both sides)
      • Photocopy of Business Registration
      • Latest Form B with tax receipt or 6 months’ bank statements
  • Required documents for salaried expatriate:
    • Copy of Passport 
    • Latest 2 months salary slip
    • Work permit valid for at least six months at the time of employment
    • Letter of employment

What other products does Citibank offer?


  • AcceleRate Savings Account
  • Citibank Step-Up Interest Account
  • Citibank Max Yield Account
  • Basic Checking Account/ Checking Account
  • Citibank Premium Checking Account
  • Basic Savings Account/ Savings Account
  • Time Deposit
  • Foreign Currency Time Deposit
  • Foreign Currency Call Account
  • Citibank Global Transfer
  • Citibank Online Global Transfer
  • Financial Process Exchange Direct Debit
  • Electronic Chat

Home Loans

  • Citibank Housing Loan
  • Citibank FlexiHome Loan


  • Citibank Personal Loans
  • Pinjaman Peribadi Citi
  • Citibank Debt Consolidation
  • Citibank Ready Credit



Why Citibank?

Citibank’s history in Malaysia dated back in 1959 and was locally incorporated in 1994. Citibank is currently the top foreign bank in Malaysia in terms of assets and profitability. It provides a complete array of products and services including retail banking, institutional banking, investment products and services, as well as a comprehensive Citibank credit card lineup. 





Last update on Jul 09, 2019