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HWZ: GoBear is the TripAdvisor of insurance, credit cards...

May 6, 2016
HWZ: GoBear is the TripAdvisor of insurance, credit cards...


GoBear is the TripAdvisor of insurance, credit cards and loans

By Ian Chee

You've probably had to go through comparison sites like TripAdvisor whenever you're planning for a holiday. You've also probably never done anything of that sort when you're looking for insurance plans. If you have, and hope it could be as simple a process as planning your holiday, then your wish may have just been granted, with the launch of GoBear.

GoBear brands itself as the TripAdvisor of insurance and finance. Like TripAdvisor, GoBear compares plans provided by many insurance and finance plan providers, and present them to users in the simplest forms possible. No more hours of reading through page after page to find out what is covered by a plan you're looking at and what not - GoBear brings out all the highlights of a plan from the walls of text, which are then delivered to you in an easily comprehended manner. You can even compare up to four plans side by side to see which plan provides what you're looking for, for the amount of money you’re willing to pay.

The same applies for finances. If you were looking to get a loan or a credit card, GoBear lets you put up to four options side by side, letting you see what benefits you get for each and for how much. The ultimate goal is to have you pick what you're after without having to slog through walls of text and the headache that may result.

GoBear says it’s also not a broker, as when you've decided on which bank or insurance company has the deal you want, you are immediately redirected to the site of the bank or insurance company - they don’t ask for billing details. Incidentally, that is also how GoBear monetizes - GoBear takes a certain sum from the partner organization that it redirected traffic to. In other words, think pay-per-click ads. This ensures that you don't see any ads or 'featured products' on the page, giving you only what you're looking for and nothing else to distract you.

So if you're looking for an insurance, a loan plan or even a credit card, but have been putting it off due to the anticipated headache that will ensue, maybe now’s the time to finally get to it. You can give it a try now by following this link.

This article was originally published on HardwareZone Malaysia.

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Amelia Lim

Head of Communications