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Amanz: GoBear Introduces Comparison Platform for Financial...

May 6, 2016
Amanz: GoBear Introduces Comparison Platform for Financial...


GoBear Introduces Comparison Platform for Financial Instrument

By Victor Yap

Delving into the depths of investment tools, or any of its related products, always results in a confusing mess of numbers, benefits, and mixed expectations. To-date there are no simplified processes to deal with financial complexities. With GoBear coming to Malaysia, such concerns do not matter any more.

What disrupted travel planning and car purchasing processes by adding on an easy-to-engage and convenient comparing platform, thereby removing the need to spend time with agents or brochures unnecessarily, is now being implemented for financial products.

That is the primary goal for GoBear as its platform provides an unbiased side-by-side comparison between different financial products for users. Since it launched in Singapore and has established itself as a proper metasearch engine for the finance and investment space, this disruptive concept is now looking to break into Malaysia to offer similar comparison and direct engagement services.

Since it is based in Singapore, the island nation state enjoys the complete suite from GoBear, comprising travel, health, and car insurances along with credit card insights as well. Loans of all kinds are still being developed at press time.

In the case of Malaysia, at launch, GoBear offers comparisons for credit cards as well as car and health insurances.

“We went with a bear as our name and did not consider other animals for three simple reasons – a bear is generally seen as a somewhat cute and friendly animal, yet it can display a powerful aspect when it needs to so, and many can recognise and relate to a bear. Of course, it also ties into our primary operations – a simple and honest comparison system for finance that is stripped to its bare essentials,” said Andre Hesselink, CEO, GoBear.

The concept is not new and Hesselink is quick to admit to that. Even so, having tried out the service, it is not only the easiest platform to use but the most comprehensive as well. “There is really no harm in being late as it just allows to develop and put out more innovations. What we offer is very straightforward as we are the first platform that compares financial services and tools in an unbiased, simple, and easy manner,” he said.

Currently, GoBear lists over 1,000 financial products on its website and is looking to add-on even more in the coming months. Beyond direct comparisons, a rating system is used as well to evaluate these financial services. This is done in real-time measurements and updates as soon as these instruments have been given due changes.

“Right at the launch of our service here in Malaysia, GoBear offers comparisons for travel insurances and credit cards. We’re pushing hard to get the other offerings up right now as we want to tap onto the mobile-first, multi-screen, and social media savvy Malaysians who are now demanding for such conveniences when they engage financial services,” added Iskandar Ezzahuddin, Country Director, GoBear Malaysia.

Iskandar, during the press conference, confirmed that future plans for GoBear Malaysia, aside from expanding the search scope, includes a Bahasa Malaysia version by the end of May 2016.

More information on GoBear can be found at its newly launched GoBear Malaysia or its Facebook page.

This article was originally published on Amanz.

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