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Hitech Century: We get you the bear essentials on better finance

May 6, 2016
Hitech Century: We get you the bear essentials on better finance


New GoBear search engine gets you the bear essentials on financial products.


There’s something just short of the discomfort and agony of a root canal and that pain is in comparing financial products like travel insurance or credit cards. Sorting through the legalese is one thing, comparing what amounts to apples versus oranges is another. Fortunately, there’s something new that helps to mitigate the pain somewhat – GoBear. No, it’s not what you’re thinking.

GoBear is a new financial product metasearch site. In plain English, it’s like a subject oriented Googlefocused exclusively on financial products like travel insurance, credit cards, car insurance and personal loans. What GoBear does is that it lets you compare a host of different financial products side by side, apple to apple, so to speak. Information is updated as soon as financial sites update theirs. If you find comparing term for term too much of a hassle, GoBear also has an overall score for each product to help you make up your mind.

While an astute chap would ask ‘what’s in it for GoBear?’, they derive income from clicks on affiliated partner websites that turn up in searches. They did stress however, in today’s press conference in Kuala Lumpur where they showcased the website to media, that being a partner or not does not influence the search results. Currently, they only feature travel insurance and credit cards though they’ll be offering comparisons for car insurance and personal loans later in the third quarter of 2016 with further plans to cover other financial products in the future to effectively act as the ‘Trip Advisor’ for financial products.

To find out more, visit or check out their Facebook page here.

This article was originally published on HiTech Century

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Amelia Lim

Head of Communications