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The Star: Get the best deals on credit cards and insurance

May 6, 2016
The Star: Get the best deals on credit cards and insurance


Get the best deals on credit cards and insurance

By Tan Kit Hoong

Ever wondered which credit card or insurance gives you the best value for your needs?

GoBear is a new metasearch engine which aims to offer unbiased search results for various financial products so potential customers for these services can make an informed decision before they buy. 

First started in Thailand and Singapore and now in the Philippines and Malaysia, GoBear allows users to search through travel insurance and credit card plans and compare the various offerings. 

The GoBear engine searches over 40 travel insurance and over 200 credit card offerings from companies in Malaysia and shows you a breakdown of the plans with key features highlighted. 

Although GoBear search is limited to travel insurance and credit card plans right now, the company plans to expand its coverage into car insurance and personal loans as well by the third quarter of 2016. 

GoBear claims to be completely unbiased as they do not take commissions and do not sell cards or insurance through the site. It's strictly a metasearch engine that helps you to compare offerings and any purchasing is done by the customer when he or she is redirected to the insurance or credit card website. 

It is only when customers click on the plan and get redirected to the partner website does GoBear charge the partner. 

GoBear CEO Andre Hesselink says that his goal for the company is to become the "Trip Advisor" for Finance.

This article was originally published on The Star Online.

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