Should I Get an AFFINBANK Personal Loan?


With an AFFINBANK Personal Loan, you get flexible terms and reasonable rates. To get the one that’s right for you, fill out the form on this page and compare the AFFINBANK personal loan with other providers today. Personalise the results by specifying how much you want to borrow, your desired repayment period, and your monthly income. By comparing through GoBear, you ensure that you get the personal loan designed according to your financial needs. Try it out now! You can also check out details about the AFFINBANK personal loan below, such as the fees involved and what you need when you want to apply for one.


What are the Types of AFFINBANK Personal Loan?


AFFINBANK Personal Financing-i


  • Profit rate between 4.4% to 5.5% per annum
  • Minimum loan amount: RM5,000
  • Maximum loan amount: RM150,000
  • Fixed rate based on Shariah Concept




Am I Eligible for an AFFINBANK Personal Loan?


Required Minimum Income per Annum


  • AFFINBANK Personal Financing-i: RM30,000 (salaried employee)
                                                      RM30,000 (self-employed individual)




Documents to Submit


  • Required documents for salaried employee:
    • Copy of MyKad (both sides)
    • Disbursement accounts
    • Latest EA form
    • Latest salary slip from the last 3 months
    • Latest EPF statements from the last 6 months


  • Required documents for self-employed individual:
    • Copy of MyKad (both sides)
    • Company’s principal bank statements from the last 6 months (must show business transaction)
    • Latest EPF statements from the last 6 months


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Why Choose AFFINBANK Personal Loan?

AFFINBANK offers a wide selection of banking services that provide financial support for its clients. These services include the AFFINBANK Personal Loan, one of the institution’s most sought after products. Serving both consumers and businesses, AFFINBANK endeavours to do “banking without barriers” so that the relationship between the bank and its clients is strengthened and enhanced.


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