Getting rewards while spending is one of the best deals you can ever get from a credit card. Imagine choosing from an exclusive rewards catalogue and getting more and better rewards as you spend; what can be better than that? With a rewards credit card, you can maximise the points you earn so you get the best rewards.

Rewards credit cards provide rewards points whenever the credit card is used either locally or overseas. These points accumulate over time so the common practice is to continue earning them until you reach a certain number of points that will allow you to redeem the specific reward you want. Credit card providers usually have a rewards catalogue that shows what rewards you can redeem; you also have the option to exchange points for cashback on your next billing statement, merchandise, or airmiles.

Most rewards credit cards award a point per RM1 spent using your credit card, but often they also offer bonus points for spending on specific products or categories. One thing to remember about rewards points is that they have an expiry date, by which time you must use them or lose them. There are also redemption costs that may vary from provider to provider.

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