Credit card rewards are aplenty, but why are cashback credit cards irresistible? Well, it’s like getting free cash every time you shop, and who wouldn’t love that?

Cashback refers to the rebates that some credit cards give on your total monthly spend, and is usually in lieu of other reward or incentive like points or airmiles. The rebates are generally provided as a credit on your card statement, and effectively lower the amount you have to pay either for the month or for the next month. The main thing to remember with cashbacks is that they can’t be applied to products or services that are already discounted or offered at a promotional price.

The additional cash that you earn via cashback accumulates, and most of the time, you can use them to offset purchases with no strings attached. To earn those credit card cashbacks, most credit cards require a minimum amount charged to the card within a certain period. Depending on the credit card provider, cashback may be capped to a maximum amount every statement month. Additionally, different category spends may attract different cashback rates — or not offer any cashback at all. People who don’t use their reward points or air miles benefit most from cashbacks. You should also check your average monthly spend to see if it meets or ‘triggers’ your credit card’s cashback limit.

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