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citiBank Cash Back Credit Cards

Why are Credit Cards Cashbacks Irresistible?

Credit card rewards are aplenty, but why are cashback credit cards irresistible? Well, it’s like earning free cash every time you shop, even when you have saved with a discounted item.

The additional cash that you earn gets accumulated, and most of the time, you can use them to offset purchases with no strings attached. To earn those credit card cashbacks, most credit cards require a minimum amount charged to the card and may cap the amount of cashbacks earned too.

Cashback credit card comparison allows you to find the best credit card to suit your lifestyle and spending needs.

How Can I Make Comparison on Credit Card Cashbacks? 

GoBear, Malaysia's unbiased credit card cashback comparison website, allows you to discover the best cashback credit cards for your needs. Simply enter your spending details on respective categories such as grocery, online shopping or entertainment to personalise your search.

You can also sort the listings of credit cards for easy comparison based on cashback earnings, annual fee and annual income. Filter functions are also available to sort them by banks and card suppliers, so cashback credit card comparisons are easily done in seconds!

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Why compare at GoBear?

  • Free and unbiased – We don’t charge you a middleman fee and we don’t play favourites with banks or cards. -
  • Time-saver – We show all 200+ cards in Malaysia. Don’t waste your time looking around. -
  • Fresh offers – We find you the latest promotions and best rewards. -
  • Personalised search – We get personal to show you the cards that get you the most rewards. -
  • Easy sorting – Filter your cards on your preference: cashback or air miles rewards. -
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