What benefits does a credit card offer to frequent travellers? Did you know that aside from allowing you to shop and spend overseas, specific credit cards give you the chance to earn free flights and exclusive travel privileges?

Airmiles credit cards refer to a type of credit card reward that provides ‘airmiles’ whenever you spend using your credit card. This credit card makes you eligible to your provider’s frequent flyer programme, allowing you to take advantage of exclusive travel perks.

Frequent flyer programmes, such as Enrich or AirAsia BIG Points, reward you for using specific airlines and their travel/retail partners by allowing you to redeem the airmiles in the form of free flight tickets. Airmiles can also be used to redeem merchandise and services like access to premium airport lounges.

With some credit cards, you can directly earn airmiles; for others, airmiles are one of the items that you can redeem from a rewards catalogue. Different providers give you different redemption values for airmiles, so it’s important to check this before redeeming.

Take note that not all frequent flyer programmes are supported by every credit card; make sure the provider supports your programme before signing up for a credit card.

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