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Not all cards are equal and we're here to show you that choosing the right airmiles or travel credit card can help you land that paradise holiday you've been dreaming of!

Every purchase you make with your credit card earns you rewards points that can go towards your frequent flyer program of choice (Malaysia Airlines' Enrich and AirAsia's BIG just to name a few). The best airmiles and travel credit cards also offers extra perks and hidden benefits such as free travel insurance, exclusive airport lounge vouchers and even priority bookings at travel fairs. And let's not forget the extra airmiles and and cashback you stand to gain on your overseas spend!

There is also a bounty of benefits that would appeal to holders of Islamic credit cards. Commonly offered advantages include Takaful coverage, benevolence benefits as well as the convenience of accepting Zakat payments.

Just as importantly, your overseas spend can land you valuable cashback or even double the reward points that can be transferred to your loyalty program, putting you on the fast track towards the next vacation!

So it definitely pays to compare first before applying on GoBear.


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