You can't control fuel prices, but you can maximise your cashback with the right petrol credit card.

Whether you're contantly driving long distances, spending time getting stranded in city traffic or providing transport services as a side hustle, you need to choose a petrol credit card that will reward you back for all the fuel you'll be spending on.

How to find the best petrol credit card that benefits you? Here are a few things to consider: the petrol pump - Shell, Petronas or any other brand - which you are most loyal to, the monthly cashback cap and the minimum spend required to take advantage of the cashback available to you.

Extend your fuel savings by looking out for additional perks and benefits with your petrol credit card when you're using outside of your petrol pump! You'll also stand to gain rewards points at your favourite departmental stores, restaurants and more.

Rest assured, GoBear is here to help you with your first baby steps ensuring that you will find the right petrol credit card to take you further (and enjoy more savings!)


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