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You could be a first-time worker applying for your first credit card or simply looking to take on a second credit card as a backup. A low fees credit card which usually carries a low income requirement (minimum RM24,000 per annum) might be perfect for you!

Some banks waive the annual fee for life not just on your credit card, but your supplementary card too. Others will require that you fulfil a minimum spend requirement or number of swipes before receiving your annual fee waiver. Other fees that you should take into consideration when applying for a credit card includes annual finance charges as well as late payment charges. That's why it pays to compare first on GoBear when faced with so many choices.

Whether you prefer a local bank like Maybank, Hong Leong or CIMB or an international bank like Citibank, it's always good to shop around first! After all, we want you to find the best deal that benefits you and puts a little back in your wallet.


Why compare for the lowest fee credit cards on GoBear?

  1. Compare for the best credit card that offers you the lowest fees upon application
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  3. Got a points card but not sure if a miles card is better for you? Use our miles calculator to maximise your rewards and convert your points into airmiles!
  4. We will share with you everything you need to know about the card you want, including any extra privileges and cashback offers
  5. Last but not least, we're an unbiased credit card comparison website: we tell it like it is

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