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Double up on the rewards every time you swipe.


 What we love

  • Earn 2 Timeless Bonus Points on every RM spend locally.

 Keep in mind

  • Timeless Bonus Points will not be awarded for petrol and government agencies expenses.


 What we love

  • Earn 5 Timeless Bonus Points on every RM spend on overseas retail expenses.


  • Double up on the rewards every time you swipe with your Infinite Visa and exchange your points for free gifts, MAS Enrich miles or AirAsia BIG Points. Shop overseas and get 5x Timeless Bonus Points for every Ringgit spent.

Balance Transfer

  • Manage your overdue credit bill with a balance transfer and get interest rates starting as low as 6% interest p.a. Choose a repayment schedule that work best for you!

Easy Payment Plan (EPP)

  • Big savings on your shopping purchases with Alliance Bank Flexible Payment Plan. Make one interest payment, and repay what you owe in monthly instalments up to 20 months.


  • Need a quick holiday? Use your free Priority Pass Membership to enjoy complimentary access yo VIP lounges in over 10 countries and 300 cities globally. Book your tickets with your Infinite Visa and enjoy complimentary premium travel insucrance coverage.


  • Enjoy a personalised way of privilege banking at any Alliance Bank branches nationwide, or when you travel with 24/7 VISA Infinite concierge services. Take advantage of dedicated travel hotline to arrange your all flight bookings, travel packages and hotel accommodation!

Do you qualify? Here's a quick snap shot of the requirement

  • Rewards Type: Timeless Bonus Points
  • Interest p/y: 15%
  • 12-month balance transfer (%): 6.99%
  • Annual Fee (waived): RM 848 (see details)
  • Details for fee waiver: Waived after RM 30,000 spend
  • 1st supplementary card: Free
  • Minimum Income: RM 150,000
  • Minimum Income Foreigner: RM 150,000
  • Minimum Age: 21

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