Top 3 Travel Insurance Plans For Family Vacations

Top 3 Travel Insurance Plans For Family Vacations

Do I Need Family Travel Insurance?

When traveling with your brood, it is a good idea to spring for a travel insurance plan that caters especially to the needs of a family i.e. higher coverage, special benefits, etc. 

Moreover, a family insurance plan is generally cheaper than if you were to buy an individual policy for each member of your traveling party (depending on the plan). Even then, some individual travel plans may not extensively cover the elderly or younger children. 

But back to cost, it is rather pricey to plan a family trip. Imagine having to call off your holiday plans if an emergency occurs i.e. someone falls ill or suffers an accident. You’ll likely end up losing your deposits and other non-refundable payments when you cancel the trip if you do not have a comprehensive family travel insurance plan. 

Remember that it’s also harder to keep track of everything while on vacation with your children. This might increase the likelihood of losing your belongings, missing flights and the like, some of which are covered by family travel insurance.

Thus, with the right travel insurance plan, you might just get the peace of mind so rarely afforded to family travelers – thanks to coverage for certain travel inconveniences, medical costs, and other emergencies.


How is a family travel plan different from an individual one? 

A travel plan for families and individuals differ in several ways. The obvious distinction is that the individual plan covers a single person named on the policy, where some benefits may be extended to young children of the insured as well. A family plan will cover named family members in your traveling party, usually a minimum of two adults or a maximum of two adults and four children.

A more important detail of a family insurance policy is the age allowance and how adults, the elderly and children are classified. While it varies with plans, ‘adults’ are aged 21 years to 65 years, ‘children’ are those below the age of 21 years (or 18 years in some policies) and the ‘elderly’, between 66 and 75 years of age. 

Also, bear in mind that with family plans, the benefits and sums insured for personal accidents or medical expenses for example, generally vary based on the age of the insured person.

There may also be a limit placed for how much a family is allowed to claim, depending on the plan and provider.


Who is covered under a family travel plan?

Even if you are a truly loving person who considers everyone to be part of your family, under a travel insurance family plan – only your actual family is covered.

Specifically, your legal spouse and unmarried children, generally under the age of 21 (or up to the age of 23 if studying in a recognized institution) are covered.


Top 3 Travel Insurance Plans for Family Vacations

Here’s a look at the best plans available when travelling with your family:

1. Zurich Silver Plan

This plan, starting at just RM85 per trip, offers a few cool benefits that are not common with other travel policies. For instance, it provides cover for domestic pet care, loss of use of hotel facilities and entertainment tickets. We also appreciate the extended medical cover for outpatient treatments and infectious diseases. 

Also, if traveling with your children, this plan is equipped with a childcare benefit that will cover the travel and accommodation costs for a family member to take your children home, should you be hospitalised for more than three days. 

In addition, this plan comes with a special child education grant that pays a benefit in case you (the parent) suffers an unfortunate injury and dies while on your trip.

Apart from these benefits, this plan provides the usual covers for travel inconveniences like loss of bags, personal documents and money as well as missed connections, delayed flights and cancelled trips. It also includes the not-so-common kidnap and ransom benefit, credit card theft and outstanding credit card balances covers.  It does not however, cover domestic travel. 


2. Kurnia Supreme A

If you are looking for a family plan at an affordable rate, this is certainly one to consider. Starting from just RM70 per trip, this plan provides a high cover sum of RM300, 000 (max) for benefits like personal accidents and medical expenses for each category, respectively. 

The policy also provides a hospital income as well as covers for follow-ups and alternative medical treatments received from a registered chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist, etc. 

In terms of travel inconveniences, this plan will cover loss of bags, passports and personal money; delayed, cancelled or interrupted trips as well as overbooked and missed flights.  However, even though this plan is comprehensive, acts of kidnap and ransom are not covered. 

If you plan on traveling from East Malaysia to West Malaysia or vice versa, you’ll need to add on 6% GST, to remain covered (for limited domestic travel).

Lastly, this is also a good plan if you are travelling with an elderly spouse as this plan provides cover up to the age of 80. 


3. Great Eastern TravelMate Signature Plan

Although pricier than the other plans suggested, this one is rather comprehensive with a higher cover amount for certain claims as well as a wide range of benefits. For instance, this plan provides optional cover for the extra costs of rental car returns, a quarantine allowance as well as adventurous activities. Click here for more information on Great Eastern's insurance coverage.

Other interesting benefits include home care coverage for fire or theft in your home while you are on vacation, coverage for loss of credit cards (OCBC cardholders only) and travel agency insolvency coverage, just in case your travel agent does not honour the deal.

The medical benefits are rather standard (e.g. follow-up treatments back home, hospital allowances, alternative medicine, and compassionate visits), but there is a high maximum cover amount for hospitalisation at RM750, 000.  


Choose the right policy and have peace of mind on your fun vacation with family!