Safeguarding your baby’s journey into the world with PRUMy Child Plus

Safeguarding your baby’s journey into the world with PRUMy Child Plus


Parenthood is an exciting, exhilarating and often exuberant journey.

When a couple discovers the good news that they are starting a family, often their hearts and heads are filled with joyous thoughts. At the same time, they will start to lay down concrete plans for a safe and healthy journey.


Pregnant bump
Spread the good news! But don't neglect your child's protection


Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (Prudential) understands this experience and has every intention to protect your dreams of raising beautiful children while ensuring peace of mind.

Prudential's plan is a customised starter kit for the day you realise your dream of starting a family, called PRUMy Child Plus.


PRUMy Child Plus


Protection for all

PRUMy Child Plus is a comprehensive insurance solution for mother and child designed to protect families financially.

But you may ask - parenthood, while joyous, is a complex journey, so how does an insurance plan benefit you?


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The bond between a mother and her child is incomparable


The response is simple.

We know that parents are devoted to protecting his and her new or growing family, so PRUMy Child Plus has made this possible.

But first, let's step back and take stock of the facts.

Statistics from the Malaysia Ministry of Health show:


MoH statistic


With PRUMy Child Plus, a daily cash benefit is payable for incubation for newborns or for admission into ICU/HDU for babies within the first year from birth, to relieve the financial burden.

Gloomy facts, but true. Hence, Prudential’s PRUMy Child Plus provides comprehensive coverage for your baby and you, especially when it comes to pregnancy complications, neonatal jaundice requiring phototheraphy, and congenital conditions.


Detailed coverage for your baby

PRUMy Child Plus offers protection for pregnancies as early as 14 weeks. PRUMy Child Plus even encompasses coverage for pregnancies through in vitro fertilisation or IVF, reflecting Prudential's full understanding and commitment towards protecting all babies.


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PRUMy Child Plus will step in and protect pregnancies as early as 14 weeks!


The solution covers pregnancy complications, juvenile critical illnesses, medical and hospitalisation fees, critical illnesses, and even death and permanent disabilities of the parent.

Prior to delivery, you want the best care for yourself as a pregnant mother or for your wife. One of the common and critical pregnancy complications is obstetric embolism, which is known to be a high risk for maternal deaths at 23% according to the Malaysian Health Ministry. An embolism occurs when an artery is blocked by a blood clot or air bubble, and this type of embolism includes amniotic fluid entering the bloodstream of the mother.

Other pregnancy complications that may arise are eclampsia, abruptio placentae and acute fatty liver of pregnancy – all covered by Prudential's unique offering. Eclampsia is a condition when pregnant mothers with high blood pressure face convulsions while abruptio placenta is when bleeding occurs after an unnatural separation of placenta from the uterus.

PRUMy Child Plus also extends its comprehensive coverage from the prenatal stage to newborn babies.

Newborn coverage consists of ensuring protection for your baby when diagnosed with neonatal jaundice that requires phototherapy treatment where either RM500 or RM1,000 lump sum is given to assist you to cover the medical cost. According to the Malaysian Health Ministry, neonatal jaundice is common in newborns.  If detected within 24 hours of life, urgent attention is needed. If left untreated, it may lead to acute and chronic bilirubin encephalopathy which is a neurological condition.

Other congenital conditions are also covered for children up to five years old. These conditions include Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida and Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate.


List of covered congenital conditions under PRUMy Child Plus


A plan for your family’s future

PRUMy Child Plus does not stop at the beginning of parenthood; it also offers the opportunity for you to create an education fund through a savings plan that secures your child's future.

This is important as Prudential understands the financial commitment towards providing for your family, allowing you to customise a plan that allows for supplementary educational costs.


Limited time PRUMy Child Plus offer


From now until 31 March 2019, PRUMy Child Plus is extending a special offer ensuring your medical protection goes even further! Purchase PRUMy Child Plus with Essential Child Plus and/or Crisis Care rider(s) attached and you will be entitled to the following additional benefits*:

  • FREE additional 50% coverage on the Critical Illnesses Sum Assured (for Essential Child Plus and/or Crisis Care rider) for 3 years!

    50% upsize on Essential Child Plus for 3 years
  • FREE 50% additional critical illness coverage (for Crisis Care rider which converted from Essential Child Plus rider after the child turned to 25 years old)

    50% upsize on Crisis Care for 3 years

    In the 3rd year of your policy, you’ll have the option to convert it to permanent coverage with no questions asked, with steps as simple as a few clicks via your trusty smartphone!

*Refer to the Terms and Conditions HERE

In the unfortunate event that your child is diagnosed with a juvenile critical illness, the Essential Child Plus rider will step in and pay a lump sum benefit for any of the ten child-prone illnesses covered below. Your child will be able to focus completely on the path to recovery – up until the age of 25.

What then after the age of 25 you may ask?

To ensure that the coverage on critical illness remains relevant, Essential Child Plus will be converted into Crisis Care rider at the age of 25 where Crisis Care will provide coverage on 43 critical illnesses. Also, this lump sum benefit will not reduce the plan’s Basic Sum Assured.

Hurry up! Take advantage of this amazing upsize campaign today and give your unborn baby even earlier protection!


Protect my child with PRUMy Child Plus


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