Malaysia passport 4th most powerful in Asia

Malaysian Passport: 4th Most Powerful in Asia


Just how much do you value your passport? While some take it for granted, others believe it is a wanderlust gateway.


According to the latest release by Henley & Partners Passport Index, our Malaysian passport currently takes the fourth spot in Asia, and an overall 12th in the world.


The Henley Passport Index is the only passport index that relies on year-round IATA (International Air Transport Association) data coupled with in-house research and expert commentary.


Sitting behind only Singapore, Japan and South Korea, a score of 166 means that Malaysians are able to visit 166 countries without requiring a visa. That’s a lot of countries where we need not worry about the hassle of visa applications.


Germany still holds the most powerful passport in the world with a score of 177 out of 199 countries polled by Henley & Partners.


If you are seeking a new country – be it exotic or off-the-beaten-path destination – for your next vacation, allow us to give you an idea:


Visa-free (more than 90 days)

Visa-free (up to 90 days)

Visa required

Jamaica Turkey China
Antigua & Barbuda Solomon Islands Paraguay
Dominica Hungary Russia
Panama Iceland Uzbekistan
Mexico Morocco Ghana


In case anyone is wondering, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have banned Malaysians from visiting North Korea beginning September 2017 for safety reasons, placing the communist state alongside Israel as two of the few countries us Malaysians can’t step foot in.


Wherever you head to, don’t forget to grab your travel insurance!