Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel: Travel Insurance with Home Care

Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel: Travel Insurance with Home Care


A travel insurance with home care covers most policies necessary when you’re going on a trip while extending its coverage to your home.

Many travellers tend to opt out of getting a travel insurance as they think that it’s just another unnecessary expense when a travel insurance actually provides so much more.

While you have MAVCOM to help you exercise your passenger rights and get your rightful compensations as a flyer of an airline, travelling abroad does not exempt you from unforeseen events that may plague you.

There are plenty of unexpected events that may happen during your trip, but what happens to your home while you’re away? For the same reason people get home insurance, there is comprehensive travel insurance that extends its covers to your home by compensation for loss or damages when your house is left vacant while you’re travelling.  


What does Travel Insurance with Home Care cover?

Travel insurance with home care cover is an additional benefit introduced by insurers to provide coverage to the insured person's home when left vacant while travelling.

This usually covers fire and burglary where the insurer will be able to provide compensation as detailed in their insurance policies. 


Exterior of condo units
You have a lengthy home loan, wouldn't you invest in protecting it?


The insurance coverage for Home Care varies from one insurer to the next and it also depends on the policy (whether individual or family) you purchase with the ultimate aim of providing you with total confidence on your travels.

Most Travel Insurance with Home Care policies typically cover the following:

• Lost, stolen or damaged contents. Compensates for the loss or damaged contents of the insured during the trip as a result of fire or burglary (forcible entry).

• Home content repairs. Reimburses the repair of the damage contents caused by burglary (i.e. broken locks or door knobs)

It should be noted that these benefits are not applicable on domestic trips.


What isn’t covered by Travel Insurance with Home Care?

Most travel insurance with home care compensates for loss or damages to your home contents with RM1,000 and above. This covers your home from incidents of theft and burglary, as well as fire that might occur during your trip.

However, there are exclusions under a travel insurance with home care:

• Any loss or damage inflicted through your intentional act or involvement

• Significant loss or damage of any kind (antiques, objects of art or intrinsic value, financial securities of any kind, and more)

• Temporary or permanent loss of your property or any part of it due to requisition, detention or legal or illegal occupation of such property or of any premises, vehicle or thing comprising the same by any government authorities.

• Properties such as motor vehicles, boats, bicycles, livestock, or any equipment or accessories related.

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Why take out Travel Insurance with Home Care?

Having your home damaged due to burglary while you’re away can be devastating. Without any protection, not only will your sense of security be affected, you might also have to fork out serious money to restore your house.

For instance, someone broke into your home. Let’s say you and your family made a trip to Legoland in Johor Bahru during the school holidays.

Your friendly neighbours who offered to keep an eye out on your house were not home and you ended up getting burgled. Locks were broken, cash was stolen, and the full extent of your damages and losses has yet to be fully determined.


Happy couple doing home renovation
No one likes to come home from a holiday with their prized belongings damaged or simple gone!


Under most circumstances, you may not require a massive house repair but there are a number of essential matters arising from a home burglary that you will need to prioritise:

  • Making a police report to detail losses
  • Replacing important personal documents
  • Installing new locks
  • Repairs to broken doors or windows

The Home Care benefit provided by your travel insurance provider can be an easy passage way towards getting you back on track. It is a perk that is often overlooked and the compensation you receive will go towards paying for the new locks to be installed by your locksmith, and any other house repairs required.


How to file a travel insurance claim?

It’s important to notify your insurer as soon as the accident happens. This is usually done to avoid any prejudice to your claim. If you take your time in reporting a loss or damage to your home, your insurance company might get suspicious, and your claims may get held up until a full investigation is conducted.

Step 1: Notify your travel insurer immediately after the incident (include as many details of the incident as possible)

Step 2: Fill out the travel claim form

Step 3: Provide relevant supporting documents

Step 4: Submit the form along with the documents as soon as possible.

If there are broken locks that need replacing or broken electric appliances, include the repair bills to your insurer for reimbursement.

Make sure that while you're away, your home contents are insured and include the cost of repairs and replacements made to your property.

There are several insurers in Malaysia that provide travel insurance with home guard. These insurers take another step further in providing the necessary protection you need during your journey.


Check out these five providers that will not only protect you during your travels but your home as well:


AXA Smart Traveller Plan VIP

Package: Individual and Family

AXA’s Smart Traveller is designed exclusively to protect travellers from unfortunate events on your overseas trips. This insurance covers you from emergency medical evacuation, and travel inconveniences such as cancelled or delayed flights and luggage.

Smart Traveller offers home care benefit that pays for the damages to your home as result of burglary or fires up to RM5,000 for individual plans and RM15,000 for each family plan.


Tune Protect Travel Easy

Package: Individual and Family

Travel with peace of mind with Tune Protect Travel Easy. This insurance protects your home against theft of property during your trip. With a compensation of RM3,000 (both individual and family plans), it pays for the physical loss or damage to your home contents due to theft while travelling.

People can choose various Tune Protect Travel Easy plans including Premium (Asia Pacific Travels), Worldwide (Including USA and Canada), and Worldwide (Excluding USA, Canada and other countries). For people purchasing the worldwide plan, it comes with child care benefits. This means that the travel insurance pays for the additional expenses to accompany the insured person’s child or children back to Malaysia if the insured person suffers from sickness or illness abroad.


Allianz Travel Care

Package: Individual and Family

Allianz Travel Care covers most travel hassles you may encounter during your trip - even the ones you would probably not fathom such as terrorism and hijacking.

Allianz also understands that coverage for home care is just as important, with coverage of up to RM1,000 for individual and family plans.


Hong Leong MSIG Takaful - Takaful Travel PA

Package: Individual and Family Takaful

Not only will Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Travel PA provide total cover for travel inconveniences, but it’s also Takaful-designed. Insurers can choose a Takaful Travel Insurance PA that includes Home Care.

With a Home Care policy included, you are protected from financial losses due to events that damages your home contents. The home protection covers loss or damage due to fire or theft with compensation between RM1,000 and RM2,000.


Kurnia Travel Supreme

Package: Individual and Family

Get a comprehensive travel insurance that provides 24-hour travel assistance. This insurance covers you for unexpected events that may happen during your travel such has luggage delay, loss of money and travel documents. Additionally, you get coverage for your home while you’re away with compensation between RM500 and RM1,000.



Nobody likes to think about theft or that a fire may start in their homes while they’re on vacation. However, this remains a possibility, and without a good travel insurance with home care policy, an unforeseen incident could ruin your plans when you get home. When you travel, make sure that you have Home Care coverage in your travel policy before leaving your home!