Hassle-free and Fast Financing for All Your Needs with JCL Today

Hassle-free and Fast Financing for All Your Needs with JCL


Getting a personal loan – or even a business loan – is not easy these days. Most banks are required to run strict checks on your credit score, your financial background, and more.

Moreover, we each come from a different background and have different reasons to seek financing.

If you are suddenly faced with a family emergency and require a sum of money quickly, you might need to find source for external funds. If you run a cash-based business, it is an additional challenge because you will need to show a stable income to be approved for a loan.

Here’s where JCL (known as Japan Credit Leasing) comes to the help of Malaysians! 


Who is eligible?

Here are the criteria you need to know when borrowing from JCL.

  • Nationality: Malaysian
  • Location: Klang Valley & Negeri Sembilan
  • Age: 18-60
  • Minimum monthly income: RM1,000 (or RM12,000 a year)
  • Repayment tenure: 1-5 years

If you ticked all the boxes above, now's the time to decide which loan you require.


JCL Personal Loan

We can’t tell when an emergency situation arises. But it is important to know that in these unfortunate circumstances, we have access to reliable financial assistance. This is where JCL comes in.  

Quick disbursement:

JCL can provide you with the funds you require in as fast as two days

Flexible credit check:

JCL will inspect your information in detail and find additional points

No hidden charges:

JCL will show you the actual amount you’ll be receiving plus a repayment schedule for your convenience

Documents to submit for JCL Personal Loan 

  1. JCL application form (authorisation form)
  2. Original IC (MyKad)
  3. Latest 3 months’ salary slip/pay slip
  4. Latest 3 months’ bank statement
  5. Latest EPF or Tax Declaration Form (BE Form)
  6. Utility Bills (e.g. TNB, SYABAS, etc.)

JCL Personal Loan interest rate is set at 18%p.a. and new customers enjoy 0% interest for the first month! 


JCL Business Loan

You might be looking to expand your SME business or even self-proprietorship. However, the bank has rejected your application because you do not fulfil all their requirements. JCL also offers business loans to help you achieve your targets; in fact you can even get equipment financing (Hire Purchase) if your business growth calls for it.

Enjoy a maximum loan of RM100,000 with JCL Business Loan with tenure options up to five years. Your business would need to be at least a year old to be eligible.

Documents to submit for JCL Business Loan:

  1. JCL application form (authorisation form)
  2. Copy of IC (back and front)
  3. Latest SSM statement
  4. Latest 6 months’ Company Bank Statement
  5. Utility Bills (company and home)
  6. Company chop
  7. Additional documents if available:
    Latest 2 years’ account report
    Latest 2 years’ B Form & Tax receipt
    Latest 6 months’ sample of Purchase Order/Invoice

JCL Business Loan interest rates range from 12%-18%p.a. (with or without collateral) and aims to give you a result within three working days of all documents submitted.


What happens when you apply with JCL

Only three easy steps is all it takes:

Step 1: Application

Apply online with JCL and fill in the required details.

Step 2: Approval

JCL’s Credit Analyst will review your application, so keep your phone close.

Step 3: Disbursal

Visit the JCL branch to sign the agreement – you can check your bank account straight away!


Special Benefits

Keep this in mind when you are exploring financing options out there. There are many ads online promising all sorts of benefits, and JCL does not want you to fall foul of them.

1. No Processing Fees

That’s right, you do not have to fork out ANY processing fees when you apply for your loan. Ignore finance companies that ask you for ANY upfront fees or deposits!

2. No Early Settlement Fees

You will NOT be penalised for paying off your loan early; being able to clear your loan is a badge of honour and no one should rain on your parade


How to Apply:

Getting your financing now? You can get in touch with JCL via:

1. Online

Fill in the online form on this page and you will be contacted for further details.

2. Walk-in

JCL understands that sometimes you prefer to speak face-fo-face. You can refer to their office locations here.