Get Inspired: 5 Renovation Ideas to Enhance the Value of Your Home

Get Inspired: 5 Renovation Ideas to Enhance the Value of Your Home


The Bear understands that in this day and age, a home renovation or redecoration project can be quite costly – and tricky! Striking that balance of refining your home and making a potential house buyer fall in love at the same time remains the ultimate goal.

A low-interest personal loan to underscore the renovation works required could be the answer.


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Let’s say you decide to apply for a personal loan of RM50,000 to foot the renovation bill. Citi Personal Loan currently offers an attractive rate of 5.88% p.a. (that is equivalent to an Effective Interest Rate of 10.9% p.a.) with instant approval* that can give you a quick injection of cash to start materialising your dream home!


Check out these five home renovation ideas you should be considering to make your home look like a million ringgit – for less!



Open-plan living

Flip through the latest magazines or interior design websites and a common theme to modern living is the open-plan living space. Breaking down non-structural walls, expanding the doorways and letting in more natural sunlight, are basic, useful ideas to help create that vast space and relaxed feel.


Open plan living
Well-designed open floor plans also encourage better ventilation around the house

Long gone are the days of dedicated living rooms or enclosed kitchens as families and family time are being redefined by the spaces available to them. Think of the open plan as a blank canvas for you to exercise your creativity and do away with traditional layouts.

GoBear tip: Use open-ended bookcases to provide separation between the kitchen or dining hall from the living area. Alternatively, patterned tiles will do the job too.


Go green

This straight-up appeals to the eco warrior in us! Solar panels can help you save energy costs, but it isn’t cheap to implement. However there are other initiatives you can try.

Drift wood
Re-purpose driftwood into fixtures for your home, like this hanger

Instead of buying a brand new dining table or customising a kitchen countertop, why not use reclaimed or pre-loved wood? You ought to get it treated or stained, but it certainly imbues more personality than a store-bought design. Also makes for a great conversation starter.

GoBear tip: Hire the right green-savvy professionals to make environmentally friendly choices such as the types of materials to be used.


Soup up the kitchen

This is easily one of the top renovation plans to improve the liveability of a home. A well-designed kitchen can bring in a good return if you are looking to offload the house as buyers need not remodel and spend additional costs along the way. However you need to stay realistic to set aside a decent budget in dealing with the kitchen you have.

Beautiful kitchen
Kitchens sell houses, so it makes sense to apportion your renovation budget wisely here

If your original kitchen is small and does not offer much space to expand, then look at replacing the cabinets, tiling and ventilation for a start. For a larger kitchen area, reconsider the layout space as well as plumbing before indulging in stainless steel appliances.

GoBear tip: Keep the styling and finishes clean and neutral; after all it is easily the most hardworking zone in the house and you want to be able to work with as little distraction as possible.


Breathe new life into the bathroom

Walking into a dull and dingy bathroom can be a big turn-off to a prospective buyer of your home. There are many ways for you to renovate and redesign on a budget and still provide a good return on your investment. New basins and toilets are personal spaces that a new homeowner would appreciate for a start. 


Bright, neutral tones coupled with a clean, sophisticated design for a bathroom

How about using LED lighting? Prices have come down and the various designs available these days also adds to a beautiful design element beyond savings to your electricity bill. Wall-to-wall cabinets over time have also been replaced by floating vanity counters for a more dynamic look with added visual space.

GoBear tip: If you are not against the colour white, a brighter bathroom exudes a larger space. Furthermore, you can choose finishes and surfaces that are reflective to accentuate this perspective.


Work on the first impression

The Bear saved this for last because the façade of your home where first impressions are built can easily be overlooked – especially if you are planning on selling your house. If you are staying at a condo, you can ensure that any existing grill is free from rust and that there are no annoying, squeaky noises from the door hinges. Keep the doorway bright; a sparkling chandelier might even sweep your guest off the floor right away!

Home facade
You don't need to be as bold or daring as this, but it is bound to catch one's attention

For landed properties, you can take advantage of the landscape available to you by enlarging the outdoor space – which appeals to families with children – and keeping the lawn well-manicured. Swap out the old, grimy house number and install shiny, new ones too.

GoBear tip: Above all else, it’s important to look clean and well-maintained.

These are only five out of many suggestions out there, it’s important to understand which home renovations add value to your home. With the finances you have in your hand, you’ll know when to save and when to splurge.


How can Citi Personal Loan help you achieve your dream home?

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  • Citi’s low flat interest rates of 5.88% to 9.80% per annum, are among the most competitive in the local market!
  • Home renovation experts can indulge a little and exercise their creativity while enjoying more time on their hands with loan repayment tenure options at 24, 36, 48 or even 60 months.
  • Enjoy the convenience of applying online for instant approval in 3 simple steps!
  • There are also no processing fees even when you apply for a personal loan of up to 10x your gross monthly income.
  • Citibank customers are entitled to a loan amount of up to RM150,000, providing you with plenty of room to beautify your home and provide a potentially stronger return of investment.
  • No collaterals or guarantors required; Citibank Personal Loans is unsecured!
  • Depending on the extent of renovation works expected, here are the possible outlays based on your budget set and repayment, based on a 48-month tenure at a prescribed rate of 5.88% p.a. (which is equivalent to 10.9% p.a. Effective Interest Rate)


Loan sum (RM) 20,000 50,000 70,000
Total interest charged (RM) 4,765 11,913 16,678
Total repayment (RM) 24,765 61,913 86,678
Monthly repayment (RM) 516 1,290 1,806


Here are a few handy tips from GoBear you should keep close to you:

Tips before signing up
Time to draw up your pros and cons list and bring out your trusty spreadsheet


  • Set and manage your budget! Before you plan your finances and consider taking up a personal loan, sit down with your partner or family and put together a clear idea of how much you would like to spend
  • Having decided on your budget, set aside an additional amount (aim for 10%) in the event of any potential cost overruns
  • It pays to shop around. Speak to several contractors and request for options and quotes to compare. GoBear always believes in #GetSmartCompareFirst!
  • Depending on the scope of work required, you and your family might have to stay elsewhere to allow the renovations to take place; include any costs for temporary relocation.
  • If you are engaging an agent to manage the sale of the post-renovation house, don’t forget to factor in any other costs or commission

Upgrade your home today and inject the style you’ve always wanted! Remember, even if you don’t sell your house at the end of the day, you and your family still stand to reap the benefits of a comfortable, refurbished home!


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