Efficiency redefined: Setel by PETRONAS injects new life into fuel payment in Malaysia

Efficiency redefined: Setel by PETRONAS injects new life into fuel payment in Malaysia


The Bear will not burden you by introducing another e-wallet mobile app on your smartphone – unless it offers you a mind-blowing way to improve your way of doing mundane things, like fueling at the petrol station.

Enter Setel.


Setel by PETRONAS logo


The newly launched app from PETRONAS is Malaysia’s first ever petrol e-payment solution. That’s right, you can now add paying for fuel – alongside bank transactions, online shopping, and food delivery – to your full battery of cashless payment solutions.

You might be wondering, do I need an app to pump petrol? We were slightly skeptical at first, but there is so much more to using Setel than simply topping up your car’s fuel tank.


What is Setel?

You want speed, convenience and safety? That’s what Setel is out there to accomplish for you better than any other petrol e-payment solution currently out there.

Setel is a customised solution designed to integrate directly to the fuel pumps – a pioneering move and first of its kind anywhere in South East Asia.

That means, when Setel gives the green light and approves your petrol purchase, the fuel pump will be activated immediately - Setel will boss the pump! No other app in this region can achieve this.

What this means to you is that filling up your car is now strictly between you and the petrol pump.


Why Setel rules



Setel takes away the need to visit the payment counter or even punch in anything into the petrol bowser – once and for all. It’s lightning quick and a step ahead of regular e-wallets that will require you to flash the phone at the counter to conduct your transaction. As mentioned above, Setel is the only petrol payment app in Malaysia that can speak to the pump directly.



Kad Mesra members can easily link their card to Setel and continue to rack up awesome points with your petrol purchase. Why carry your credit card and physical kad Mesra when Setel can combine both inside one app? Beginning January 2019, you’ll even be able to purchase your goodies from your Kedai Mesra using Setel. How is that for convenience?



Setel is firmly ahead of the petrol payment solution game in the safety department and here's why. Let's say you are a female driver heading into the petrol station late at night, or even a doting father with a toddler strapped to the baby seat after a grocery run. Minimise the risk of any crime by reducing the amount of time you spend outside of your vehicle – just by paying for your fuel via Setel from the comfort of your car. 


profile"Pumping fuel shouldn’t be a chore. Currently, the payment process involves walking to cashier, waiting in line, a RM200-hold on your cards, and having to use a separate card to earn loyalty points. Setel eradicates these pain points and integrates payment and loyalty benefits in a seamless, frictionless experience. At Setel, we settle for you!"

Iskandar Ezzahuddin Head of Setel


Setel at KLIMS
From left to right: Dato’ Sri Syed Zainal Abidin, Managing Director/CEO of PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad, Anthony Loke, Minister of Transport and Iskandar Ezzahuddin, Head of Setel at the Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow


Setel is one of PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad’s (PDB) initiatives aimed at creating a new customer experience in the retail business by tapping on the power of digital.

“Setel enables a seamless end-to-end experience that focuses on providing convenient and ease for fuel purchases at our customers’ fingertips,” said Managing Director/CEO of PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad, Dato’ Sri Syed Zainal Syed Mohd Tahir.


Ready to give Setel a spin?


Setel - available now for download
Setel – first of its kind in South East Asia and available in both iOS and Android


Download and register your Setel app and you’re on your way!

As with most mobile payment apps, you’ll first need to top up via credit card or make a transfer from your bank account. We breezed through this easily, giving us the option of loading any amount we wanted from as low as RM1.

Once the app is running, you will be shown a map of the nearest Petronas stations in your vicinity. The ‘Purchase Petrol’ button will only be active if you are close to a Setel-enabled petrol station. So keep your GPS turned on!


3 easy steps to use Setel

1. Select the pump number at your PETRONAS petrol station

2. Choose your purchase amount: full tank, RM15, RM25, RM50 or a customised amount

3. Authorise payment with your PIN, start refuelling!


Find your location, top-up and save your Setel receipt


Currently, you can use Setel at more than 80 selected PETRONAS petrol stations in the Klang Valley – and counting! With the largest network of petrol pumps in the country, you can expect to find 600 Setel-enabled PETRONAS petrol stations by the middle of 2019!

It’s the only app you need to settle all your fueling needs!


Setel 3 times to get a 10% rebate!


Sign up for an account before 31 December 2018 and Setel three times (with a minimum transaction of RM30 each). You will then enjoy a 10% rebate that will be credited back to your e-wallet inside three working days. There is however, a rebate limit of RM50 per account.

- This amazing offer has now expired but do visit Setel's official website for more enticing deals - 


5 Reasons why the Bear is keeping Setel in the smartphone

1. No RM200 pre-authorisation hold when using your debit or credit card (RM250 for American Express).

2. PETRONAS users earn Mesra points seamlessly – once your Kad Mesra is linked, you don’t have to carry the physical card anymore.

3. No queueing or waiting necessary, pay from the comfort of your ride.

4. Cashless and receiptless, your payment method and transaction history are saved in the app for easy budget management.

5. Easily find the nearest PETRONAS petrol station closest to you just by launching the app.


Interested in giving Setel a spin? It’s now available for download on both iOS and Android


App storeDownload on Google Play


Further details can be found at the official Setel website. The Setel team are also happy to welcome any feedback or you have – good or bad – so feel free to drop them a line at [email protected].

Before we go, here's a beary friendly GoBear tip for you. Happy fueling!


profile"Worried about using Setel or your smartphone at the petrol pump? It’s static that might cause a fire – and not mobile phone usage – so remember to discharge yourself by touching a metal surface before refuelling."