Fundaztic Monthly Returns from just RM50

Earn Monthly Returns from Online Investments with Fundaztic Starting from just RM50


Online shopping is gaining popularity these days, not only because of the convenience but its attractiveness lies in how easy it is to purchase your desired items.

As avid shoppers, you know that performing a digital transaction either on your desktop or mobile device gets simpler and simpler. The whole experience is completed in just a few clicks!

Take the same experience and apply it to making your money work for you. Instead of spending it, or earning low interest on a savings plan, think about how you can multiply it, earning you the returns you deserve.

Avoid the jargon, the long queues at the bank and stress of taking on an investment risk. At times investing conventionally may be too complex for comprehension or sounds simply too good to be true.


The power of your RM50!

Fundaztic P2P Financing wants to remove those stresses from your financial plans and offer you a simple solution. With only RM50, you can kickstart your investment journey in an experience as easy as online shopping.


Only RM50 to begin your investment with Fundaztic


There is no upfront deposit needed when you first invest with Fundaztic. Create an account for free with, select any investment of your choice and make payments online in a fast and secure manner. 


At your fingertips any time

Having digital access to your account helps you review your investments by taking note of your accounts, returns and allows you to change your investment plans as and when you choose. There is no inconvenience of paper statements or emails of account statements.



At the same time, you avoid having to go through an intermediary to understand and learn about your yields, or seek comprehensive information on your investments.

Fundaztic allows you to access your investments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Enjoy your returns every month – as soon as repayments are received!

It gets better! Your returns are fixed and gets sent to you on a fixed monthly repayment basis, avoiding the long wait of conventional fixed deposit returns or annual payments. Once, repayments are made by the issuers (SMEs that you have invested in), Fundaztic’s system will immediately apportion the returns minus its fees to your trust account. 

If your investment has a tenure of 12 months, you will receive a monthly pro-rated (Principal + Interest) repayment in your Fundaztic account over the 12-month period. This amount can be flexibly reinvested to another note or withdrawn as you wish.


Withdraw or reinvest your earnings? It's your choice with Fundaztic


What you can be assured of is Fundaztic has been prompt with repayments. Since the P2P financing platform went live in July 2017, total repayment received to date is RM683,201.98!


Latest Fundaztic statistics on 17 January 2018
Image source: Fundaztic P2P Financing as at 17 January 2018


Easily diversify your investments

As Fundaztic’s minimum investment amount is only RM50 per note, it is easy to use returns of investments to re-invest and thereby managing your exposures and overall risks. Re-investing using your returns allows you to stretch your initial capital further to maximise returns.

And you ask, how much money can you get in return? We're looking at a gross effective interest rate (EIR) of up to a whopping 23% a year.



Fundaztic is licensed and regulated by the Securities Commission of Malaysia, so it is all above board, legitimate and safe. How’s that for peace of mind?  


Be an active contributor to the local economy

The bigger picture is that you are helping the Malaysian small and medium enterprise sector (SMEs), with financing that they are in search of, with only a RM50 investment. Through Fundaztic, you and along with other investors provide the SMEs with an alternative source of funding, assisting these small businesses to stimulate economic growth.


And last but not least, your question for Fundaztic: is it safe?

Fundaztic says investors are protected if the platform fails, and should be comforted that the Securities Commission requires P2P platforms to have a “living will” from the time the platform is launched to the public.

This ensures the integrity of all notes issued is continued in the event of a platform failure. The company works with Rodgers Reidy as a back-up service provider to execute this “living will”.


Fundaztic P2P Financing logo


Fundaztic is run by Peoplender Sdn Bhd and is one of only six recognised market operators licensed by the Securities Commission to engage in peer-to-peer lending in the country. Its founders comprise of a group of seasoned banking executives and a lawyer with more than 50 years of experience combined in areas related to law, finance and technology.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the Fundaztic Bonus!

You can register now to earn a RM50 Registration Bonus to invest, and also earn RM50 when you refer your friends or family. This bonus is earned once you have successfully registered, not when you invest. So it's a win for everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Discover just how far your RM50 can take you and sign up with Fundaztic right now!

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