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Credit Card

"We do not accept credit cards, so you don't need to have one" says a checkout box during my Cyber Monday indulgence.

I blinked twice. Is this site for real? A life without credit cards…??
Then again:
Wouldn't it be great to have a wallet that's not bursting with too many plastics?
Wouldn't it be great to view the Wallet as an accessory to our outfits, spacious to contain the minimum 5 cards, rather than a splintered holder to balm any possible FOMO moments? Having recently spotted a "coming soon" over a credit card tab on my favourite comparison website, the possibility of finding the right credit card(s) for me could well be around the corner.

We speak to The Incubators at GoBear to learn more.

Me: I found a YSL wallet that I absolutely need. The only problem I have with it is that it has only 5 card slots. After filling it with my IC & my bank card which thankfully now doubles up as my MRT card, would you be able to help me determine which 3 credit cards I should be carrying?

GoBear (GB) : There are 3 simple steps to this, which can be completed in seconds so you can spend your time using your credit card (wink). I will be able to give you details next week when we finish putting on the final touches of this feature.

Remember always credit card companies want to sell their services and sometimes even tend to trick you to opt for their services.

There are many card issuers which entice you with gifts on signup, "a more" attractive frequent flier miles programme, better petrol discounts, higher cashback rebates and points.

When you are choosing a rewards credit card, do not just look at the annual fee waiver, the vouchers and what would seem to be the hottest giveaway -- the glossy 4 wheel spinner suitcase.

Instead you should find a card that offers you the type of rewards which suit you best. Let's start with looking at the types of credit cards that's available:

Cashback Credit Cards
Cashback credit cards award you points when you spend money on purchases, or for making other bill payments. The higher your balance and the faster you pay, the more rewards you will get. Cashback cards allow the holder to earn back a percentage of what they spend as an annual bonus.

Travel Credit Cards
Travel credit cards might be the best option for you, if you travel very frequently by air, or stay in hotels for long periods of time. Travel rewards credit cards let cardholders enjoy unique travel deals, rewards, and discounts on airfare, hotel reservations, car rentals and more. Earn travel rewards with every purchase you make, redeemable for vacations, getaways, weekend excursions, and unique experiences.

Airline Miles Credit Cards Airline Miles Credit Cards are becoming popular among travelers. They are an ideal choice for frequent travelers, whether they travel for business, work or other reasons. For every purchase you do with these credit cards you will earn points, which can be used for free travel. There are bank-branded credit cards, as well as airline-branded credit cards to choose from.

Petrol Credit Cards
Petrol credit cards are now a popular option. These credit cards give you either a certain number of points for every dollar you spend on petrol or cashback rebates. With petrol prices always on the rise, it’s best to take advantage of a credit card that helps you at the pump.
Petrol credit cards often reward you with cash back on not only your petrol purchases, but other purchases as well such as shopping and more.

Today you will find rewards credit cards are a combination of one or more types.
With the wide variety of rewards credit cards out there, be sure to pick the one you will be able to use the most.

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