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Giving you the lowdown on the new AirAsia ASEAN Pass.


AirAsia recently introduced the AirAsia ASEAN Pass - a travel pass that allows travellers to book flights with credits, at least 14 days before the departure date. These passes are sold at $209 for 10 credits and $369 for 20 credits. These credits are used to purchase flights to all 10 countries in ASEAN with more than 140 routes to choose from. For instance, you may book 4 different flights starting from KL to Bandung to Singapore to Bangkok and back to KL again with the 10 credits you bought at just $209!


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Sounds too good to be true? That’s what we thought, hence we are going to dissect it for you so that you can fully understand what you are getting into. Here are some important points you need to know about AirAsia’s new ASEAN Pass:


1.     The ASEAN Pass only covers the base fare for flights. This means that you will still need to fork out some money on top of what you paid for the passes to cover taxes and add-ons of the flights.


2.     All credits expire within 30 days or 60 days for 10 credits and 20 credits respectively from the first date of travel regardless of how many unused credits you have left!


3.     You can only book flights on the same route once. So if you are a businessman who only needs to fly to and fro between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, the ASEAN Pass may not be suitable for you.


4.     Flight redemption is limited and is subject to the availability of the seat when booking using the ASEAN Pass. It is more likely to be unavailable over the weekends, on public holidays and school holidays. Moreover, you can only redeem 1 pass at a time hence it may be difficult for you to travel in groups.


5.     You are allowed to change your flight up to 48 hours prior to departure. However, you are not allowed to cancel your flight and retain your credits.


6.     Some destinations can only be reached via other cities. For example, AirAsia only flies to Brunei from KL airport which means that you will use 8 credits on a round trip there and back to Singapore.


If you have decided to embark on this journey with the ASEAN Pass, it is prudent to invest in travel insurance even if you are on a budget. With the array of glorious street food and adventurous trails you are going to conquer, it is better to be safe than sorry. With GoBear, you will find the perfect insurance for you within minutes.


Happy travelling! :D