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Travelling is all about planning and preparation but as with all things in life, plans can unexpectedly change. It can be due to emergency at home, urgent requests at work or accidents in the country of travel. But there's no need to panic, here are some ways to get you through these unexpected changes:


1. Remain contactable


Wherever you are, you should always remain contactable and have an emergency contact. This can be your spouse, a family member or the 24-hour hotline of your travel insurer. Having someone to talk to and ask for advice in an emergency can provide much comfort when changes occur.


2. Protect your trip with travel insurance


The best way to protect your trip and ensure you are well prepared for the unexpected is to purchase trip cancellation travel insurance. Trip cancellations are unfortunate and not within our control; travel insurance can play an important role in helping you with pre-paid travel expense costs, reorganizing travel plans, and recovering lost, damaged or stolen luggage.


3. Have an emergency source of money


Maybe you need to take a new route to your destination due to a labour strike by the train operators. You might then need to take a bus, stay another night in a hotel or change the destination. We'll never know when we need extra cash while travelling so be prepared for ways in which you can withdraw extra funds. This can mean activating your bank cards to allow you to withdraw from ATM machines overseas, or increasing your credit limit for your credit cards for a temporary period.

You can also bring your safety token to do any internet banking if the payment you are about to make can only be done online. Wherever possible, you should try to avoid accessing Internet Banking from a public computer.


4. Print all travel plans


Having a hard copy of your travel plans gives you a good overview of your itinerary. When changes occur, you can make changes easily on it to see how it can fit into the rest of your journey. Be prepared as well for limited or no internet connectivity, or even blocked emails. While there might be little we can do in such situations, what we can do is to have hard copies of our itinerary, maps and hotel bookings to help us make changes in an easier manner.