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Credit Card

The age old advice of not carrying wads of cash when traveling holds true for many of us.  Other than it being bulky, no one wants to be a target for pickpockets.

Credit cards offer that convenience  and peace of mind, but does it really? Take heed of these little nuggets of information  for a truly  a stress-free holiday!

1) Credit Card hotline

Who do you call when things go awry with your credit card? Make sure you know the hotline number – a tiny detail we often forget that is right there at the back of your credit card. 

2) Usable Card

Oversea travel requires lots of planning . This same planning applies to the credit card that you are planning to use abroad.  Some cards  require you to activate it  at the ATM machines. Doesn't hurt  to do a check with your bank. Otherwise , that lovely pair of shoes you were eyeing could be out of reach!

3) Cash or Card? To go cashless or not?

Make sure it is accepted in the countries that you are traveling too. Do not travel without checking. There are instance where a certain country may not accept a particular  majority of the shops do not accept a particular credit card? It only takes a minute to call up the bank. Do it, you will thank us later. 

4) Foreign Transaction Fees

You realize that your credit card bill is over the limit after the holidays  even though were pretty sure your budget was on point? Your final credit card bill and receipts will not tall. Why?  Don't get too shocked, that’s because the banks charge a foreign transaction fee for purchases made overseas that’s because the banks charge a foreign transaction fee for purchases made overseas, which comprises the bank’s administrative fee and a currency conversion charge imposed by the card association, which will add up to your outstanding total.

5) Cash Advance

Using your credit card like your ATM might seem convenient. Think again. Getting the cash advance from your credit card might do you more harm than good. The interest fee is around 5.3% will be charge to you credit card account. It’s better if you bring the right amount of money for your trip and use the cash advance from your credit cash  only for DIRE emergencies.

6) Cards Benefits

We love discounts and the perks you get from some cards are pretty good. Most banks have certain tie-ups with hotels or even restaurants.  You might just be in for a pleasant suprise! Check your rewards catalogue online or in the mail Do check with the bank and see if they have discounts on hotels, tour packages and flights for your destination.


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