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Personal Finance

Get rid of these luxuries.

It has been a couple of days after you received your paycheck and you realize that you won’t have enough to last until the end of the next paycheck. Even though you did not buy an Iphone7 that cost a bomb you still find it hard to survive on what’s left in your bank account. If you want to save some money, I suggest you consider cutting back on these few things.

The common things that you are addicted too that is NOT helping you save money.

Spend less on: Coffee


Your daily cup of joe maybe something that you need, but it is also something that is draining the funds from your wallet. We all need that caffeine fix, I get it. Especially on Mondays, but do we really need to spend it on some “Venti Cappuccino” everyday? That’s mad! Some people actually buy coffee 5 to 6 times a week whether it’s from Starbucks, Coffee Bean or from our local cafes. Coffee have been our staple morning drink and it’s growing year by year. As we spend an average of RM10 per cup the cost really does add up. You probably spend RM240 a month on coffee only.

You could cut down on that by making your own coffee, maybe at home or at the office. You can save so much from that. Maybe just splurge during the weekends as you go for your weekly brunch with your friends at a nice café. 

Spend less on : Eating out


If you don’t have time to prepare for lunch and dinner? Perhaps you will find time when you find out how much eating out cost? We regularly spend around RM20 daily for meals, that’s the minimum if you eat outside. That is around RM560 a month, it will leave your wallet really skinny by the end of the month.

Learn to save some money by cooking at home, bring packed lunch to work or meal prep for dinner. You will save little more money and you will enjoy your time during the weekend preparing the meal for the week ahead. 

Spend less on : Weekend entertainment


That weekend life where you go out for drinks and parties, it does hurt your wallet if you do it every week. Having a quiet weekend is not a bad idea sometimes. We need to rest our body and your wallet. You can just hang-out with your friends at your favorite coffee house, or you can spend or on the weekend do some outdoor activities like hiking. 

Have you decided to stop spending too much on these things? Go to GoBear Malaysia to compare credit card that fits your lifestyle.