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Credit Card

How to apply for credit card online? 

Why and how to apply for a credit card online

When one thinks of making a credit card application, the image that usually comes to mind is that of going to the bank and asking the customer service, or during a promotion period at or just outside a shopping centre. Today, though, making a credit card online application is the way to go, for the following reasons:

1) You can shop around first

There are just so many credit card products out there, and each financial provider may have up to a dozen or more credit cards to choose from. How do you know which one is the right fit for your lifestyle? Well, you can read through GoBear Malaysia’s guide to choosing the right credit card first, and then compare them all before making your decision.

2) Fewer people have access to your financial and personal details

When you make a credit card application on-the-spot at a shopping mall, lots of people will have a chance to read through the details of the forms you fill up; at the very least, over your shoulder while you’re doing it. Doing it online in the privacy of your home ensures only you and the financial institution know what you’ve filled out.

3) It’s probably much safer

Given the strict data handling rules that banks and other financial institutions have to observe in Malaysia, and the fact that you’ll be submitting your credit card application through a secure channel (SSL/TLS), GoBear Malaysia reckons it’s a sight safer than filling in the form in public and handing it to some part-time worker at the shopping mall.

Apply for a credit card online: Points to ponder

1. Make sure you fulfil the requirements before making the credit card application.
This will relieve you of unnecessary headaches (and possibly an adverse CCRIS/CTOS report) in the event that you are rejected because you don’t qualify.

2. Prepare the necessary documentation to support your credit card application and have them digitised.
You will be submitting these online, after all, so either take a picture using your phone, or scan them in. Either way, you should also watermark the documentation where necessary.

3. Make sure that the credit card online application website is secure.
There should be a green padlock symbol next to the website address in your browser. The name of the organisation should be the same as the name of the financial institution you’re using.

4. Print out the acknowledgement page.
After you’ve filled in all the details and submitted all the documentation, there should be some sort of acknowledgement that you have successfully completed the credit card online application process. It may or may not have a reference number, but in any case, print, screenshot, or otherwise keep a copy of that page for your reference.

Ready to start your credit card online application? Use GoBear Malaysia’s credit card comparison service to get you off to a good start. With over 20 financial institutions and dozens of credit card types to choose from, you can be sure of getting the right card to suit your needs.