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Going on an exciting vacation does not mean you need to abandon healthy eating or skip trying exotic new cuisine. Itis possible to enjoy your holidays without packing on extra pounds for the trip home. The secret: choose what you eat wisely, eat in moderation and stay as active as possible during your trip.


1. Pack healthy snacks in advance


Leaving home also means going far away from familiar routines and habits. There are however easy snacks you can pack with you to ensure you do not run into a hungry situation with no healthy food in sight. Pack easy to-go snacks such as muesli bars, dried fruit and nut mixes or tuna snack packs for a quick bite.


2. Fall back on DIY sandwiches


DIY sandwiches are an easy alternative where you can easily find the ingredients needed in a supermart and takes almost no time to make. Choose a protein such as canned tuna, turkey breast from the deli section or rotisserie chicken, few leaves of lettuce and a slice of cheese with whole grain bread. It is also a great way to cut cost and spend it on other new experiences during your trip as well!


3. Stay Hydrated


Yes, drinking enough water is part of the strategy of eating right. Thirst often masquerades as hunger so drinking enough water prevents you from eating mindlessly. Moreover, it helps you avoid symptoms of overexposure to sun and keeps you feeling good and looking fresh.


4. Plan your meals ahead


Trying new cuisines on your trip is half the fun, so don't miss out by being on a strict diet! If you know you are going to have a heavy meal for dinner, eat light for your breakfast and lunch, or plan it on a day where you will expend energy on trekking or skiing. Also try to focus on getting more vegetables and healthy protein as much as possible to avoid the sluggishness from an overload of carbs, especially refined ones.


5. Cut the booze


Some people may equate travelling to having the excuse of having a beer everyday for “holiday's sake” but really, alcohol just adds no nutritional value to your body, dehydrates you and could even put you in trouble in unfamiliar territory. So save the calories for something more worthy, like a local dessert or that special occasion where you truly celebrate your vacation with new friends you've met on your journey.


For leisure or business trips, always keep healthy food choices on hand and a big bottle of water to quench your thirst. You will be happy to find your stock of pack snacks and dried fruits between two activities on your trip.