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If you have never paid attention (or did not know you could) to choosing your seats on the plane and suffer from frustration during your long-haul flight, you should really follow our tips in this article!


Seat selection on long-haul flights is one of the most important factors to ensure your comfort and health while travelling. This could affect your sleep, ability to stretch and even your safety! Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy your trip, right from your first step in the plane.



Reserve your seat


To get the seat you want, it is essential to select your seat as early as you can. Most airlines allow you to choose your seat at the time of purchase. However, airlines can sometimes change the aircraft type before you travel, which means they end up reallocating your seats so do check your reserved seat the week you fly.



Aisle, middle or window seat

Most people already know their preference for this one, and almost nobody would choose the middle! The aisle seat gives you easy access to walk and stretch when you need to, especially if you have a weak bladder and want fast access to the lavatory. Those who prioritise sleep quality may want to choose the window seat. The latter gives you a cabin wall to lean on, which provides a better headrest than a stranger's shoulder.


Bulkhead seats or not?

A bulkhead is the partition that divides a plane into different classes or sections. Bulkhead seats are the seats located directly behind the bulkhead separators. One main advantage of a bulkhead seat is that you will not have anyone reclining into your space, giving you extra legroom.


The downside of bulkhead seats is that you have no under-seat space to stow your hand luggage, and your tray table is usually a little smaller as they are stored in the seat's armrest.


Another important factor to think about is that bulkhead seats are typically where a bassinet is provided for families with babies. If you are worried of constantly having baby crying near you and disturbing your sleep, you might be better off choosing one far from this area.


Seat Pitch


The seat pitch is the distance between each seat row, measuring from the back of one seat to the back of the seat in front. Economy class cabins on long-haul flights on average offer 31 to 32 inches seat pitch but there are a few elite airlines providing a more comfortable 33 to 36 inches of seat pitch. Here is a list of the world's largest seat pitch economy class airline seats according to




Widest Seat Pitch (Inches)

United Airlines




American Airlines




Air Canada




Singapore Airlines




Korean Air


Japan Airlines




Obviously, there are other criteria to consider- seat width and amenities such as entertainment, laptop power, food quality and Wi-Fi availability. A simple research online and a few flights will ensure you become an expert at choosing the best airline seats suited for you!