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Insurance policies might be difficult to understand for most people because of their terms and conditions that sometimes happen to be very specific. Also because of the vocabulary used. GoBear has been created to help you find the perfect insurance the smart and easy way. Choosing an insurance is no longer a hassle with Bear.


First things first. Prior to a trip, don’t forget to check your current insurance policies and see if it suits your needs, or if you need to update it temporarily. Or to subscribe a new one for this purpose, for the length of your travel. Especially if you are going to a designated country and plan to do a special activity or sport. Pay attention to what is currently covered, and even more to what’s not covered. This will be the starting point to define your needs regarding your next travel insurance. And this will also help for your future travels.


Car, plane, train or boat


Compare your policies with the journey that you are planning to follow by plane, train, car or foot, and start making a list of any gaps that you think might be relevant to your travel.
You might be covered for activities that are not relevant for your travels. Skiing and snowboarding insurance for your trip to sunny Chiang Mai? Maybe not. Sport insurance for a romantic spa getaway? Very unlikely.


You want to be covered for the right accidents that may arise. Should you need it, ask about the different extensions that your insurer can offer you. If you picture yourself horseback riding on the beaches of Bali at dusk, make sure that your insurance covers you for that.


Territorial limits


You might end up paying an insurance for countries where you will not travel to and not be covered in the countries where you are actually going. Read the fine print and think about what you actually need. Do you need the regular insurance or is it better in your case to subscribe to the more tailor-made kind of policy to cover you and your family? Pay the right price for the right cover.


The right travel insurance is worth the investment and you don’t need to subscribe to a insurance policy that costs you a fortune, to be perfectly suitable. Just take your time to evaluate what’s worth and what’s not.


In a nutshell:


  • Never assume your insurance will cover you unless it specifically includes travel cover.

  • Nor should you overlook what really matters. Make sure you don't cut corners.

  • GoBear makes the smaller fonts bigger so it’s easier for you to read.

  • Ask the Bear all the questions that you need to better understand about the exact terms and conditions.

  • Visit to clarify what needs to be clarified.


You can now go on holidays fully relaxed, and with a greater peace of mind.

You’ve got YOURSELF covered. Go wherever you want.