GoBear Malaysia celebrating Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year and Rolling Out Our Car Insurance Comparison!


As Chinese New Year came to a close, GoBear Malaysia drew open our big steel doors and invited winners of the recent Ong Squad Campaign for a celebratory open house event!

On 2nd March, close friends and esteemed guests of GoBear paid us a visit and were treated to a day of fun, food and a thunderous lion dance performance!

GoBear Malaysia team photo
A quick team photo along with a few of our guests

The successful campaign, which ran from 8th January till 12th February, presented 35 lucky individuals with the chance of winning either a lion dance performance or a Prosperity Hamper worth RM188.

Lion dance performance
Lion dance performance to reel in the fabulous good luck

Winners from across Malaysia were announced on 15th February, ensuring that ‘balik kampung’ would be one boisterous affair with a confirmed lion dance troupe or hamper in tow!

Yee sang
What's Chinese New Year without a messy yee sang? 

We gladly welcomed Kelvin Sim, one of our lion dance winners from Johor, who made the trip all the way from Johor to share in the celebrations with us. He brought along his lovely family and even walked away with a cool hamper from our lucky draw!

The Bear with Kelvin Sim and family
Kelvin Sim and family made their way from Johor to join us on Chap Goh Meh!

Other guests included David Fong, President of FAOM (Fintech Association of Malaysia), Jeffrey Kumar of Celcom, Azah from PanduLaju.com.my and many more. Nonetheless, all our guests were treated to a lucky draw and left with a hamper, Touch n' Go card and even one of our cool GoBear t-shirts!

David Fong of FAOM
President of FAOM (Fintech Association of Malaysia), David Fong (second from right) with the Bear family
Lucky draw winners
Darren Young and Justin Lor of LE Risk Management each took home a Touch 'n Go card and a CNY hamper

GoBear Malaysia Country Director, PC Gan also took the golden opportunity to unveil our upcoming car insurance launch, offering guests a sneak preview of our next comparison product.

With detariffication of motor insurance having taken place since July 2017, the industry is poised for a shake-up that would benefit both consumers and industry players. GoBear Malaysia plans to help Malaysians search smarter for what they need by providing a comparison platform to ensure that both providers and consumers can meet each other’s needs better.

Stay tuned to the latest development as the Bear works towards making car insurance renewal and purchase a simple and easy affair for all Malaysians.

Car insurance on GoBear Malaysia
The Bear will be bringing car insurance to the market very, very soon! 

Thank you everyone, from all of us at GoBear Malaysia!