Best Places in Malaysia to Travel That's Muslim-Friendly

Best Places in Malaysia to Travel That's Muslim-Friendly


Islam is the dominant religion in Malaysia and since it is the country's official religion, one can expect that almost every nook and cranny in Malaysia is Muslim-friendly.

Malaysia has also been listed as the top destination for Muslims to visit according to the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) in 2018 based on criteria including halal food, solat (praying) and ablution-friendly washrooms just to name a few.

Malaysia is also a mixing pot of cultures. Its diversity has always been one of the reasons one does not want to miss visiting this fascinating country. So here we have listed four top Muslim-friendly destinations in Malaysia that you should at least explore once in your lifetime.



Melaka gains the top spot as the best place in Malaysia to travel that’s Muslim-friendly. Both foreigners and locals love to visit Melaka because it is undoubtedly heaven for food lovers!


Melaka river
Enjoy a leisurely cruise on Sungai Melaka at dusk


The foods served in Melaka are mostly halal; you can try Melaka’s famous asam pedas, chicken rice balls, cendol, Nyonya laksa, nasi lemak (undoubtedly nasi lemak is Malaysia’s national dish but what makes nasi lemak from Melaka stand out is the serving of spinach on top of the usual cucumber) just to name a few.

One interesting sight in Melaka is that you will commonly see is Muslims selling foods in non-Muslim restaurants that shows high tolerance of inter-religion and inter-faith in Melaka.



Next stop, Penang. Just when you think Melaka is amazing, here’s the real deal.


Penang is Malaysia's pearl of the orient


Penang is a very diverse state with its lineup of activities available. The state literally has something to offer to anyone and especially to Muslims - from the wide array of local foods and drinks, stretches of beaches and hiking activities to performance arts in the old town.

If you have a soft spot for Indian cuisine in Penang, you are in luck because Penang has an awful lot of Indian Muslim cuisines ranging from nasi kandar, rojak and pasembor to roti canai. Having more than four square meals a day whilst in Penang is very normal, so do try to keep up!

Just like in Melaka, you can also find beautiful mosques in the heart of Georgetown - a Chinese majority city that makes up over half of the city’s population.


Cameron Highlands

Another top destination in Malaysia to travel is definitely Cameron Highlands. Locals visit the highlands just to escape the scorching heat in the city and take in the makeshift European countryside.


Cameron Highlands
Enjoy a leisurely cruise on Sungai Melaka at dusk


Even up in the highlands, you will not have to worry when it comes to praying and looking for Halal eateries because there are many suraus (or musollahs) built in the places of attractions.

Interestingly in Malaysia, even if you are having a picnic near famous waterfalls along Cameron Highlands, you can still find suraus with indoor ablution washrooms in the middle of the forest! The Malaysian government regards suraus as one of the basic facilities that has to be offered to the public.


Kuala Lumpur

Last but not least, the heart of the country itself - Kuala Lumpur. It is the melting pot of religion, culture, and customs from all over the world and they are all centred right here. Just look at the architecture of the buildings and skyscrapers around the city and you’ll notice a vibrant mix of Chinese, English, and even Moorish influences.


Kuala Lumpur
The sprawling city of Kuala Lumpur welcomes all guests and you can be sure


Our prime example is none other than the nation’s proudest and previously world’s tallest buildings in the world - the Petronas Twin Towers. The 88-floor shopping mall cum office towers are constructed largely from reinforced concrete, with a steel and glass facade designed to resemble motifs found in Islamic art - a reflection of Malaysia’s Islami status.

Another Islamic influence on the design can be seen on the cross section of the towers which is based on a Rub el Hizb, albeit with circular sectors added to meet office space requirements.

If you wish to visit all these places, you will need to plan your time properly. We’d suggest that you start out from Penang, going down to Cameron Highlands then Melaka and finally to Kuala Lumpur.

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