Best 5 Smart Travel Devices For Your Next Vacay

Best 5 Smart Travel Devices For Your Next Vacay


As much as we want to unplug from our reality, we end up reluctantly relying on technology. Whether you're heading out on your own #soloadventure or have a year-end family trip lined up, some devices can help make the journey better - and safer. 

Here are some of the best travel-ready tech that’s on the market currently you should pack on your next trip. These gadgets will totally ease your worried minds and make your trip a little more convenient.


1. Pocket Wi-Fi

The pocket Wi-Fi may be one of the most essential travel devices to bring along your trip in this day and age. Living without an internet connection may be tough and sometimes, an inconvenience.


Pocket Wi-Fi
Have Wi-Fi, will travel! (Image courtesy of Travel Recommends)


It is especially convenient when navigating to different places without getting lost. We also have the urge to post a little part of our adventure no matter where we are on social media so there’s no doubt this little pocket Wi-Fi will do you justice.

You can rent a pocket Wi-Fi from Travel Recommends to enjoy unlimited data abroad and stay connected without the burden of a hefty data-roaming fee. Prices vary depending on each destination but start as low as RM15 for destinations such as South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Vietnam!

What’s more, you can even connect it to multiple devices hence, you only need to rent one and split the cost. 


2. TRACtag

Most travellers’ greatest fear would be losing their luggage. Losing valuable items can be a pain. While you can rely on travel insurance to sort you out, TRACtag keeps a good record in helping you locate your missing stuff.


The TRACtag will keep track of wherever your possessions roam and wander about (Image courtesy of


All you need to do is place the TRACtag in your luggage, passport, keys, wallet, cameras, pets, car or anything else important to track them. The owner will receive an alert from their smartphones and will be notified via e-mail if the TRACtag is not in range. The e-mail will give you instructions on arranging a delivery or pick-up to get your items back.

Owners also have an online account to update one’s profile and information. There’s also a record of the items registered and tagged to your profile.

TRACtag prices begin at about RM200 each or you could always enquire beforehand on their website. If interested, do fill up your details and ask for a quotation and TRACtag will hit you an e-mail as soon as possible.


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3. iPad Mini

It’s handy, it’s portable, and it entertains. “Ridiculously light. Seriously thin.” The iPad Mini is no stranger to us and it has become the epitome of entertainment in this digital world.


iPad Mini
The iPad Mini will keep you entertained at anytime and anywhere (Image courtesy of


Since the birth of Netflix, users can download content to watch offline on their personal devices. The iPad Mini is a compact way to enjoy your own in-flight entertainment on the go wherever and whenever. It also lasts for hours and most airlines already have an inbuilt USB charger so, no worries on your battery dying out.

Be sure to always check whether these items are allowed to be brought on board the plane. You can never be too careful.

The iPad Mini is available almost everywhere in Malaysia. You can purchase on their official website here from RM1,697, or you can visit websites for lower prices such as Lazada from RM1,599.


4. Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is probably the 21st century life-saver device for the forgetful. It is not only one of the most essential devices to carry, but it is also useful for the everyday purpose. Tile Mate keeps track of your keys, bags or almost anything you can think of.


Tile Mate
The Tile Mate finds what matters (Image courtesy of


This little Bluetooth tracker device can be tracked using a simple smartphone app. But what’s amazing and different about Tile Mate is if you’re having trouble finding your phone – press Tile’s button twice and it’ll ring within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, even on silent mode.

These little tiles will relieve your worried minds in seconds especially when you have a habit of leaving your phones elsewhere and forgetting where you placed them in the hotel room.

What’s different from the TRACtag is that Tile Mate has its very own search party. The Tile Mate app connects you to the largest lost-and-found community, where friends and strangers work together to help another out.

The Tile Mate is priced at RM128 (excluding shipping fee) on Lazada or you can also purchase the tiles from Tile Mate’s official website here.


5. Noise-cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones will probably be one of your best buys ever – investing in a good one would be best if you’re sensitive to noise.


Bose noice-cancelling headphones
Only pleasant dreams and sweet serenity with the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 (Image courtesy of


Shut out the general din of the aeroplane, the loud cries and screams of a toddler, or that snoring passenger right behind you. The headphones will put you in complete ease of mind where you can relax more easily, allowing you to even have a good sleep on air without being woken up.

There is a variety of noise-cancelling headphones which differs depending on brand, version, and price. The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 has a hefty price of RM1,599 (excluding shipping) but it certainly buys you peace and quiet. You could also go for more reasonable and prices and compare prices from as low as RM50 or as expensive over RM1,000+ on 11street or Lazada.

Apart from taking these amazing smart travel gadgets on your next vacay, here’s an additional tip you should consider; travel insurance is important because it prepares you for the unforeseen circumstances when you’re on a trip. Travel insurance helps you bear the cost of loss of baggage, travel delays, your Airbnb stay or even the loss of your passport or travel documents.