5 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia Perfect for Millennial Travellers

5 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia Perfect for Millennial Travellers


Millennials – those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s – are the most talked about generation. They have different views and preferences from their parents (the Baby Boomers) in so many areas including their travelling habits.

While their parents might look at travelling as a form of luxury, millennials see it as a necessity instead. For many of them, travelling has become an important part of their lives. They long for the enriching experience they get from their travel trips as well as the chance to develop new skills.

Millennials also crave for an authentic experience where they get to explore a destination while at the same time the opportunity to mingle with the locals. They prefer unique, Instagrammable accommodations over comfy, standard hotel rooms.

In Malaysia, unique accommodations that are perfect for millennial travellers are aplenty. No matter how remote, many of these vacation rentals are still equipped with Wi-Fi, the number one item on millennial travellers’ checklist.

Here we list you five accommodations in Malaysia millennial travellers should try out for a remarkable, unorthodox holiday experience. We know you love your Wi-Fi to share your memories, so we’ve included them here as well. 


1. Peraya Homestay Adventure (Sarawak)

Ever wondered what it feels like living with the Bidayuh native? Now you can if you stay at Peraya Homestay Adventure.


Peraya Homestay Adventure
Rustic homestay - the Bidayuh way of life


Located one hour away from Kuching International Airport, you will be exposed to their lifestyle, traditions and the jungle life which includes water rafting and camping in the jungle. They will even cook you breakfast!


Peraya Homestay Adventure
Get up close and personal with the Bidayuhs


Wi-Fi: No


2. Riccarton Jonkerview Cottage Hotel (Melaka)

Situated right across the famous Jonker Street, Riccarton Jonkerview Cottage incorporates a mix of traditional and modern elements in their design.


Riccarton Jonkerview Cottage Hotel
Quaint? Wait till you see what's inside!


Most might mistake them as just another ancient shop lot, but don’t be fooled. It is actually a capsule hotel equipped with a 32-inch Android smart TV for their guests’ enjoyment.


Riccarton Jonkerview Hotel
This is one capsule hotel you didn't see coming


Wi-Fi: Yes


3. Tim’s Seaside Hideout (Sarawak)

Tim’s Seaside Hideout is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Miri Airport. This rustic beachside homestay is perfect if you wish to escape the busy city life.


Tim's Seaside Hideout
Tim's Seaside Hideout is exactly what you need for a break away from the city


Embracing simplicity by incorporating earthy colours, staying at Tim’s allows you to enjoy the beautiful sea and sunset view.


Tim's Seaside Hideout
A cosy cabin for you to destress from city life


Wi-Fi: No


4. Luma' Selakan by Red Divers Borneo (Sabah)

Semporna is one of the many hidden gems in Malaysia and home to the Bajau Laut community (the Sea Gypsies). Experience the Bajau Laut traditional lifestyle and scuba dive to see beautiful coral reefs when you stay at Luma’ Selakan.


Luma Selakan
Luma Selakan is a favourite amongst divers, you can see why


Whatever it is that you wish to experience here, the Luma’ Selakan staff will make sure you get the best of the best because they are all local people who grew up there!


Luma Selakan
Jump in for a dive anytime you want!


Wi-Fi: No


5. Tiny House of Beranda Tok Nabjit

Not far from the Langkawi airport, tucked away in the countryside is the Tiny House of Beranda Tok Nabjit. Named after its size of only 8 x 8 feet, this unique hut is perfect if you are a solo traveller longing to taste the real village experience.


Beranda Tok Nabjit
Don't be fooled by its tiny appearance


Roosters crowing at the crack of dawn, being surrounded by many other farm animals and cute kittens following you around are some of the things you’ll get to enjoy when you stay here!


Beranda Tok Nabjit
The wide open view that greets you every day


Wi-Fi: Yes


Millennials sure know what they want when it comes to travelling! The more unique and specific their vacations are, the better and the more enriching the experience will be in shaping their views on things and life.

The five accommodations mentioned above are only some of the few options you may consider for your future vacation trip. There are a lot more unique vacation rentals and guest houses out there, especially in Asia, for you, millennials, to curate your own authentic and unforgettable holiday experience.


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