5 Credit Cards That Will Slash Your Grocery Bill in Malaysia

5 Credit Cards That Will Slash Your Grocery Bill


Did you know that between April 2016 and April 2017, it was reported that the prices of some fishes went up by a whopping 15%, while some vegetables had their prices increased by up to 9%?


These are just two of the large variety of statistics which reflect a dire concern shared by many Malaysians: our rising cost of living. They also explain why Malaysians are constantly on the lookout for ways to save money, especially when it comes to buying groceries like fruits, vegetables and meat.


Fortunately, some financial institutions have credit cards which can actually help Malaysians save money when they go grocery shopping!


In the list below, we zoom in on five such credit cards, so that you can equip yourself with more ways to save money when it comes to shopping for groceries!


Do keep in mind, though, that when we say “groceries”, we’re talking specifically about everyday household items that you would buy in supermarkets like Giant, Tesco and AEON BiG – and not other equally important items like petrol.


Credit Card What benefits do I get? What else do I need to know?
Citi Cash Back Platinum Card
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Get up to 10% of your total grocery expenditure back in the form of a cash back rebate, and on a monthly basis!

The monthly rebate is capped at RM15, and can only be enjoyed when a total monthly expenditure of RM1,500 is charged to the card, regardless of whether that expenditure is from groceries alone or from other various payments.

CIMB Tesco Platinum Credit Card
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This card gives you a 5% cash rebate everyday for grocery purchases that are made at any Tesco supermarket.


You’ll also receive one extra Tesco Clubcard point for every RM2 that you charge to this card in a Tesco supermarket, in addition to the one Tesco Clubcard point for every Ringgit you spend in Tesco supermarkets. These points can then be used to redeem discount vouchers.

The maximum limit for these rebates? RM50 every month.


You must also spend a monthly minimum of RM3,000 using this card to enjoy the 5% rebate. If your total is less than RM3,000 for the month, you will enjoy a 2% daily cash rebate instead.

HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum-i
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Cardholders stand to receive monthly cash back rebates of up to 8% of their monthly grocery expenditures.


The card and its rebates are not limited by a specific location requirement for grocery shopping either, as you can enjoy this cash back offer by shopping at all Tesco, Giant, AEON BiG and Mydin supermarkets in Malaysia.

The maximum monthly rebate limit for groceries for this card is RM50.


To enjoy this rebate, you must use this card to make total payments of RM2,000 or more every month.

AEON BiG VISA Classic Card
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All payments made using the VISA payWave option of this card at AEON BiG stores are entitled to a cash back rebate of 5%, with a maximum monthly cap of RM25.

Additionally, cardholders get to enjoy an additional cash back rebate of 5% on purchases made during AEON BiG Thank You Member Days – which fall on the 28th of every month – with a maximum cap of RM100 per month.

Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum
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This credit card gives its holders a monthly cash back rebate of 10% of the total expenditure that is charged to it.

The monthly cash rebate limit is capped at RM100, as long as the payments charged to the card amount to a monthly total of RM2,000 or more – regardless of which categories these payments fall under!


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Swiping your way to savings

Before you dart over to one of the five financial institutions listed above to grab any of these cards, though, it is a Bear-y good idea to find out more about each of them – and even compare them to each other. 

Shopping cart
With the right credit card, it's like having your next shopping cart filled up - for free!


Every credit card has its own set of special features and unique requirements, after all, so it is only apt that you find a card which best suits you and your lifestyle.