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Looking for instant cash? Choose the best Personal Loan Plans in Hong Kong from banks and financial institutions along with their interest rate (APR), loan amount, handling fee, approval time and latest offers. Time to get the low-interest personal loan to fulfill your needs such as wedding, home renovation, or an emergency financial requirement!

A person with monthly income of HK$25,000 is planning to apply personal loan with loan amount of HK$100,000 and 24 months loan repayment tenor. Here the comparison table of interest rate and repayment amount:

Financial Institutions WeLend Promise Prime Credit AEON
Total Interest $1,072 $4,800 $4,800 $4,798
Handling Fee $1,000 - - -
Monthly Repayment Amount $4,211 $4,367 $4,367 $4,367
Disbursement 60 minutes upon online approval 30 minutes upon approval 60 minutes upon approval Instantly (For loan amount of HK$50,000)
Exclusive Offer New Customer on or before Aug 31, get HK$50,000, Rebate up to HK$10,000 New Customer Cash Reward up to HK$5,000 cash Up to HK$12,000 cash reward upon successful application -
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The lowest rates are available for people with good or excellent credit, while higher rates tend to go to those with low credit or a poor credit history.


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